Which Choo bag are you carrying now, and for how long?

  1. So glad you got that gorgeous bag!!!!!! I am sure the seller is so sad:crybaby:
  2. I'm cheating right now...I'm carrying YSL Tribute in berry.::::runs::::: lol
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    I'm cheating too. :wtf: Yeah, I'm using a leopard pony YSL and tomorrow I'll be using a Zebra Bottega Veneta BUT this weekend in Vegas I'm going to use my eel Ramona for daytime and my sneaky snake Celeste for evenings. :yes: The evening bag must have a strap in case you need 2 hands for late night shopping when drunk after dinner and a show!! ;)

    Side note: My JC boutique just checked and the Simone doesn't show in any stores yet....:push:
    Jimmy Choo EEL Ramona.JPG Jimmy Choo - Celeste.JPG
  4. Muggles, so sorry to hear about your Ramona--hopefully you'll get another.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^
    Oh no, I totally missed your post muggles . :sad: That's such a shame, I can't believe it. :nogood: I can't believe insurance won't cover anything. I hope you're wrong and haven't checked with them yet. It seems like we pay them all these premiums for something..... :crybaby:
  6. Mannnn, Somehow I've missed this whole page... :push: Congrats on that one!! :drool: That is some color.:yes:
  7. Twice a day!!!! I'm impressed!!!! :woohoo:

    I'd love a black Bay. Do they still make them? I would think so?? Hmmmm :graucho:
  8. I wish I was carrying an Electric Blue Mahala! Congrats on the new bag!

  9. Just to tempt you, my SA at Bloomies called me about one on sale, think she said it was a Bay bowler.........just in case you're interested, pm me.
  10. OMG, I just read this! I'm so sorry!
  11. Changed my mind.... this is the daytime bag for Vegas :yes:

    Too bad I have to leave the furry ones behind for a few days. :crybaby:
  12. My magenta suede alex! I've been carrying her since July, and loving every second of it. My white drummed ramona just can't compete!
  13. BL, good choice.:tup:
  14. Gorgeous Bag & ADORABLE Doggies :heart: :yes:
  15. I am currently carrying my Pony/Sneaky Snake:sneaky::hs: bag with the matching Zanzibar Wallet and Key Case:yes: