Which Choo bag are you carrying now, and for how long?

  1. C'mon! Don't blame the messenger! Surely those Dumbo ears took up quite enough of the screen that you HAD to have noticed something was a bit off! :thinking:

    Big feet, big ears? Yep....big shoes, big ear muffs! :p
  2. Switched to my Silver and linen Meta today. It is such a great summer bag.
  3. I switched to the Croc and took it out this morning.
  4. :push: Uh, oh.. I'm busted!
  5. So tell us.. how was the crowd's reaction? :woohoo: I wanna hear!
  6. Thanks, Abi. It was a 99.9% positive reaction to the croc. Only one person both in person and online hasn't been thrilled with it. Everyone else is either speechless or gushing. Even BF commented!! I thought hell had frozen over.:p
  7. It has been my silver Mahala for two days now. Still love that baby!
  8. ^^I was wondering if you were going to keep that one, Samantha. Is it the last of your Mahalas?
  9. ^Yes, the silver is a keeper for me. I love the Mahala but sold my black one because I recently purchased two other black bags and my new rule is if something comes in something must go out. Before I make a new purchase I pick what will leave. It has worked really well for me this year(where is the pat yourself on the back smilie?..hehe).
  10. WOW! Good job you! :tup: I think you nailed it! Even the BF liked huh.. nice! :okay:
  11. Moved into My Fuchsia Watersnake Ross with a Gorgeous 2 tone silk Twilly (from a VERY Special friend) tied to it :yahoo: on my Birthday:cloud9:
  12. Been into my XL Ramona for 3 days now.
  13. switched to my turquoise mahala for 2 days now.
  14. Of course my navy drummed leather Riki for about a week!:love:
  15. As of yesterday I'm carrying my black patent Rana I just got. Love it!