Which Choo bag are you carrying now, and for how long?

  1. A thread for late night that doesn't require much thinking! Which Choo bag are you carrying and for how long?

    I've been carrying my Jungle Python Mahala, for about a week and 1/2 now.
  2. On the days it wasn't raining last week, I was carrying the shimmer python mahala. Since it is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, I may carry my black suede saba.
  3. My black patent Riki. We went to Tahoe for the weekend and it was raining so I had to switch from my silver Meta.
  4. my studded ramona. it's really really heavy, but so gorgeous.
  5. Right now, Ayse is with me. Which - my boss asked, *who* I was carrying. It can't rain today!
  6. No big, huge, giant surprise here....I'm carrying a Ring! :heart:

    I've been toting my Nude Ring for over a month now. I love to break in a bag, to make it smooshy and comfy. By the time I tire of a bag it will indeed come when I call for it! ;)

  7. Yep, no real surpise on that one. Not to enable, but if your nude is getting lonely, you can always grab a dumbo ring in the sales. A little bee told me the ring mink will be on sale.
  8. ^Sigh....it is the Tan suede Riki that calls my name. But you know what the strange thing is? In my dreams it's being carried by a half naked Russell Crowe....you know, so as not to be "boring" Miss Jburgh! :P Hey, it was her fantasy not mine!

    If I was going to have someone carrying a Riki half naked it would so be....Captain Jean-Luc Picard! :shame::heart::shame: What is it about bald men?? :shrugs:
  9. Oh Stinker, you never cease to amaze me! :shame: :P
    That's taking a JC fantasy to the next level! ;)
  10. Well, good news, the tan suede riki is on sale too! Can't touch the Captain Picard thing, he is kinda old and bald does nodda for me.
  11. Well, Stinker, that wasn't exactly what I said, but feel free to run with it, lol!

    Today, I am back to a BV framed satchel.
  12. ^Well, yeah....you know me, if there's a story to be "embellished", I'm your gal! :P But I had the Russell Crowe part right! I just think he would have looked better wearing not much more than a suede Riki than a towel! :girlsigh:

    And Patrick Stewart.....hmmm....maybe it was the accent? :shame:

  13. hmm.. not bad Stinker. Not bad at all...;)
  14. I know! He's so dreamy! He looked even better in that Star Trek uniform though! :yes:

    Hmmm.....wonder how HE'D look in nothing but a Riki?? :lol: