which chanel BLACK flap bag.. has the red interior leather?

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  1. Oh if it's a mini, I'm not sure as it's seasonal and really could have been either. Do you have the tag? If we can figure out the season, someone who knows more about mini's may know what season the one you are looking at is supposed to have.
  2. Hi there I also have a vintage chanel black lamb skin jumbo (GHW) with black interior lining :smile:
  3. My vintage black lambskin jumbo (GHW) has black leather lining :smile:
  4. Hi guys,

    Understand this is an old thread...

    Appreciate if anyone help with this - I just bought a caviar M/L classic double flap code 20xx but it has black lining! I don't question authenticity but do you know which year has red lining as this bag was definitely produced after 2010?

    Thank you so much xx
  5. They changed the lining from black to burgundy somewhere in late 2010. Do you mean that your bag is from the 20 million series and has black lining?
  6. If your bag is the classic black m/l (rigid caviar, shiny gold or silver hardware), then a 20xx bag should have the burgandy lining. If it is a seasonal release, then the inside lining will match the outside color. I have a black caviar jumbo that has ruthenium hardware, and since it was a seasonal release, the interior lining is black.
  7. Thanks so much ironic568 and katiebal.

    I believe this is a classic. Can someone correct? It was from a reputable seller, but the black lining still bugs me.
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  8. Is your 20xxx with 7 or 8 numbers?
  9. Hi OrangeSherbet,

    Mine has 8 numbers...

  10. Then I find it puzzling because there seems to be an engraving on the CC lock which is characteristic of the older classic flaps that have gold-plated hardware. After 2010, and your flap is definitely made after 2014, which is clearly what is suggested by the 20xxxx 8-digit number, the black caviar classic flaps with GHW should be with burgundy lining (all ML, jumbo n maxi) and no markings on the CC. Is the number in the flap also 8 digits and matching with the number on the card?
  11. Hmmm black lining with hallmark on HW is correct for prior to around April 2009, BUT not for 20xxxxxx.

    Have authenticated.
  12. Hiii, please HELP ME.
    I'm Brazilian and I see a chanel classic flap in a site, caviar, with the black interior, and the number of serie of her are only numbers; "1104 .."
    Is it true? I'm scared to death.
  13. Hi there! 11 series would have the black interior. But please have authenticated before purchase. Post in the Authenticate this thread https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/authenticate-this-chanel.937412/page-389 and post link to the sale and an authenticator will help you. Good luck and welcome to tPF! :smile:
  14. Hi guys! Just wondering if you guys know if the lining of the back pocket of classic double flap jumbo is burgundy color?
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  15. Yes it is!