which chanel BLACK flap bag.. has the red interior leather?

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  1. hi,

    i have a very important question (for me!)

    do Black LAMBSKIN flap bags come with BLACK INTERIOR at all?!

    would appreciate your quick help!
  2. The So Black jumbo classic flap has a black interior and is lambskin. Some bags with no flap had a black interior but all solid black lambskin classic flap bags have the burgundy interior.
  3. what is the inside color of chanel Caviar flap handbags?
    if it can be burgundy, is it a dark burgundy? or light red/burgundy similar to lambskin bags inside?

    thanks! :smile:
  4. I just bought a Classic Maxi in caviar ...the second flap and the main compartment is a dark burgundy. The other areas are all black
  5. also the outside back pocket is lined in burgundy
  6. Hello gorgeous ladies I know this is an old thread but I really need to know about the inside lining of the BACK POCKET of the medium lambskin black double flap Chanel
    I really need to know does the inside lining comes black or burgundy?
  7. Did you read the post right above yours? :smile:
  8. Lol that's embarrassing ;p thnx for bringing my attention to it
  9. Oh, finally I found answers here I always curious why my m/l flap different... My series 15xxx (bought 11/2011) m/l black caviar ghw: the first flap in black caviar lining also 2 big pockets under flaps. The second flap, interior, and inside rear pocket are burgundy lamb leather lining. My light beige caviar jumbo has the same color for lining and under flaps.
  10. My single flap jumbo has a black interior. I'm missing out on the burgandy as I really like it.
  11. Ah, but it's lighter to carry and you can fit more! You could always get a burgundy card holder to put inside! :smile:
  12. Hi all!
    I want to buy a black caviar Chanel double flap in M/L size and the buyer said she bought it in early 2013. interior the bag is all black. May i know is it real one. Tks so much :x
  13. Hi ladies! I'm looking at a black chanel caviar small flap bag, and was wondering if the interior should be burgundy or black? the one I'm looking at has burgundy interior. Thanks!
  14. Depends on the year it was made. If it was made after late 2010, burgundy is correct. What is the hologram?
  15. Hi, thanks for the quick response. I don't have it on me at the moment but will get back. And it was my mistake, it is the mini (the one that's more rectangular shaped), not the small.