which chanel BLACK flap bag.. has the red interior leather?

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  1. Thanks!
  2. Hi ladies,

    I bought a pre-owned Chanel soft Lambskin maxi flap but my interior is bright red (see pic below) instead of the classic dark burgundy red. I had it authenticated on PurseForum and it was authentic but this colour lining still bugs me. The seller who sold me mention she bought it in 2009 in chanel boutique in hongkong and it was not refurbished at all. So it originally came in this colour. I've seen other similar bags but those are dark burgundy.

    Does the chanel bag interior lining comes in this colour? The colour is making me uncomfortable.
    Any inputs will really help!

    IMG_7805.JPG IMG_7806.JPG
  3. Hello,

    A new mini classic flap in black lambskin SHW purchased in Paris should it have black or burgundy lining on the inside?
  4. Hi, you guys! I know this is an old post... Do you know if a trendy cc in black calfskin with chevron quilting will have burgundy or black interior? I've seen both being sold online from supposedly reputable sellers but I'd like to make sure. Thanks!