Which Cartier love bracelet would you choice?

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  1. Yes, I suppose so. But then again, I already have a plain one so my next Love should be different.

    What do you think about the rainbow Love?
  2. I'm not a fan of the rainbow love.... I've heard they are not suitable for daily wear as the gem stones are fragile. Not too sure about the true of it tho.....
  3. I've heard that too, but then again, I'm not sure whether Cartier would use these stones if they weren't suitable for daily wear. I really love the design of it...
  4. That's true, maybe should ask Cartier SA to clear it out.

    Sounds like you prefer the rainbow one a little bit more... may be i'm wrong:P
  5. I've already asked them, and they said it's perfectly fine as the stones are also protected by the metal.

    Yes, I may prefer this bracelet slightly... but then again, the diamond version is so beautiful as well!
  6. Haha.... what shall we do?? We are stuck now:biggrin::biggrin:
  7. Yes, we definitely are :biggrin: Well, of course we could get EVERY Love if we saved enough, but then again, too many Loves would take away from the specialness, IMO.
  8. Could't agree more!

    Please let me know your final decision and good luck for your selection:smile1
  9. Thanks! You too! :smile:

    May I ask you how long you have had your WG Love? Is it very scratched up already or still quite shiny?
  10. I had mine one since 2005, so yes, it has been a while now.

    To me, It is still shine on the surface i think but pretty beat up tho, you may not see it as bad as it shows from distance, but the scratches are there... and with diamond love WG it has those coating to prevent scratches.
  11. Would you mind posting a picture of it the way it looks now?

    Do you find that the scratches are "intensified" by the diamonds as they're very sparkly?
  12. Yes I do think that way but I also like it "patina", ( not sure that is a right word to use on Jewelry:P?) it only getting more beautiful the longer you wear it IMO.

    I'll try to take pic in the daylight and post it tomorrow, hopefully.
  13. Oh, that would be great!

    So the scratches even look good on the diamond love? That's nice to hear.

    Do you find your bracelet even more beautiful now than when you first got it and it was all shiny and new?
  14. I like it now more than new, but that just me, I know a lot of tPF members are prefer it shiny and new look.
  15. Well, I can't say what I prefer, as mine still looks quite new (although I already have some bad scratches).

    Why does Cartier have to produce so many beautiful Love bracelets? If they didn't, we wouldn't have any difficulty making decisions :P
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