Which Cartier love bracelet would you choice?

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  1. I would say plain RG, since yours already has diamonds, and they'll look gorgeous stacked..
  2. So the WG with diamonds is plated and "whiter" than the plain WG without diamonds?
  3. No, the WG with diamonds is not plated, it's 18K solid gold with anti-scratch coating, so that it looks whiter than plain WG love.
  4. Ohhhh ok thanks!
  5. Have you taken pics of your bracelet yet? :smile:
  6. I may be a bit late to this but I would certainly keep the WG/all diamond and add a plain RG to stack with it. What a stunning pair!
  7. Yes i have. :smile: I have to say it's hard to take pics of the scratches, but i'm hoping you can see it.....

    And here you go:
  8. Thank you so much!!

    I'd really keep the bracelet, and maybe buy a plain RG to wear next to it (if that's an option) :smile:
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