Which bag would you keep?

  1. If you were given the choice of keeping only one bag from your entire collection (Coach or not), which one would you choose? Why?
  2. no, no thanks. :p
    can't i keep them all?
  3. Oh man. The first one that came to mind was my new Hamptons Carryall because it's just SO DARN PRETTY!
  4. Probably my LV Damier Speedy because it's a lightweight, all weather, knock around bag, it goes with everything and is virtually indestructable. I love these kinds of threads - I love reading everyone's different replies! :smile:
  5. WHO are these people that think they are going to take away my bags??? :boxing:I'd really like to see them try!!!:bagslap:
  6. kate spade pink satin amanda - my very first designer bag and I've never used it (saving it for the wedding or something big like that).
  7. Tough choice and I only have 3 bags :p It would be really close between my white ali and my medium carly.. I love them both for such different reasons!! I guess I would choose my ali.. if I really really had to. :rolleyes:
  8. I only have 3 bags (so far) so my choice would be my khaki/black Carly! I am soo in love with her! :love:
  9. Nobody touches my brown Legacy shoulder bag!
  10. Hmm that is definitely a tough choice. It would be between my denim patchwork Carly or my scarf print shoulder tote. Or maybe my large Carly that I am getting tomorrow. :push:
  11. That is an awful question! My Speedy would have to go because I cannot do hand/arm bags, and my pochette is too small for everyday use, so that rules out my LVs. My Bulga bag is gorgeous and soft but not nearly as practical as some others. I adore my large Bleecker Flap, slim flap Legacy and black shoulder bag equally right now, and there is a Tano bag in the running, believe it or not! It is RED and gorgeous and incredibly practical, though not quite as well-constructed as Coach, overall.

    In conclusion, I believe I will sleep with a baseball bat next to my bed to defend myself against this intruder who wishes to rob me of all but one bag!
  12. REALLY tough decision.

    I would BEG for two, but if I had to choose one, my Coach Lily XL whiskey. But it only beat my Felicia by a millimeter! Also I love my green / khaki scarf tote, but it isn't a very practical bag. Strange that I chose the two that I did because I think I just stated to buy leather last year (2007).
  13. That's sort of like asking, "If you had a choice, which of your children would you keep?"
    You know, we love them all, but each one has its own "specialness". Bottom line, I know I couldn't part with any (bags or daughters) hee hee!:lol:
  14. I would keep my Marc Jacobs Turnlock Mimi and my whiskey Mandy. I cannot live without those two bag. Maybe my white Ali too but I haven't carried her yet so it is tough to put her into contention yet.
  15. I just don't think I could make that decision! I agree, I'll sleep with a baseball bat by my bed. :upsidedown: