Which bag to rotate with speedy?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    For spring/summer, I'm looking for a bag to alternate with my mono speedy (which I haven't even used yet as I've been away traveling!)

    I really only carry the essentials when I'm at home, so a pochette is big enough for me. I'm planning on getting a Neverfull MM in damier later this year winter use. I do not want to get an azur speedy just yet, seeing that I have not even used my mono one and I'm thinking of getting an azur pochette milla as a going out summer bag. But I would like an everyday shoulder bag and can't decide between:

    Mono Neverfull PM - it's really cute and it can fit over my shoulder. I'm really small framed.

    Mono Neverfull MM - it's a "safer" size

    Roses pochette (preloved) - I want something LE but I do not want to spend over 1K for a bag

    What do you think?

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. I think NF would be a good alternative. Or even the Eva, if you carry few things.

    I love the idea of a roses pochette, if you can find one.
  3. Thanks Girlinthemoon!...I was going to purchase the Eva Azur, but could only wear it with the gold chain..the strap is way too long on me. Then I found out about the pochette milla in azur so i'll get that as my going-out summer bag.

    I'm thinking because I'm getting the NF in damier, I really should go for the pochette. There are a few on ebay right now. But I love the NF in mono!
  4. A pouchette is ALWAYS so great!! I have a few and LVoe to wear them when I am on vacation or going out ect..Great alternative to the larger everyday bag..
  5. Thanks Abbiesmommy...100% with you on the pochette. I have one in damier, and I'm traveling with it right now. I'm just a little hesitant on the Roses because I have not seen it IRL and not sure if I'll love it.

    BTW...your avatar is too precious! Cute kitty and DD I'm assuming?
  6. Get the LE roses pochette. You can't really go wrong with it, it's small and a real eye catcher.
  7. Thanks Mimster! I'm really trying to be good now, no more impulse shopping :P so I can get this and hopefully the azur milla too (well pending me seeing that one IRL) ;)
  8. Oh thank you...yes that is my 10 month old kitty cat and my DD Abbie :heart::love::heart:

    I am also a person who likes to see it IRL...Really hard to do that with a LE that is not in the boutique.....I also LOVE the azur milla too ...another great choice
  9. I would rotate speedy w/ a Neverfull MM. :yes:
  10. Thanks cheweyvy! I keep seeing quite a bit of NFs during this road trip it's really haunting me!
  11. Neverfull MM for sure- its a must have, one shoulder bag, and one hand held-
  12. Thanks CGS...I'm planning on getting the NF in damier for the fall...is it too much to have both mono and damier NFs? BTW I love your avatar!
  13. TY, me and my cat!!

    And no, you should have a mon and Damier neverfull, I have the Damier GM, and I LOVE it, I love it so much, I know I need it in mono, lol!
  14. I think the neverfull is more practical!
  15. Mono Neverfull MM is indeed the safest! Since NF has no zipper I think PM is too shallow... Have you look at the BH? It's kinda similar to NF with a wider strap.