Which bag to purchase in Paris?

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  1. Hi! I will be in Paris next week and want to purchase a new bag for daily use. I already have a chanel boy woc (black GHW) and small classic flap (black GHW) and need something a bit bigger. I like going hands free (cross body or backpack). I also look better with smaller bags - 9 inch classic flap proportionately looked better on me than 10inch flap. I have narrowed it down to these 2 bags. I like that the Dior bag is not as common and that you can change the strap. I actually quite like the look of it (like it even better in grey but not sure if still available) but I guess bit concerned about style longevity. Having said that, because I plan on using it daily, I realise it is not going to last forever. I also equally like the style of the Chanel backpack - classic but a bit more fun. Anyone have both these bags and can give feedback on functionality comparison? Also any other thoughts on which bag I should purchase? Thanks so much! Screenshot_20181215-151158_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20181215-151259_Chrome.jpg
  2. Definitely the Dior in this case, for a few reasons.

    1. You already have a lot of other Chanel bags.
    2. The Chanel appears to be made of lambskin, and with its fussier flap AND drawstring closure, it may mean creasing and scratches showing around the opening. The J'ADIOR is made of calfskin (get the grained calfskin one if you can).
    3. The J'ADIOR isn't going anywhere for a long time. It keeps coming out in new iterations each season. Since you will be using it everyday, then by the time it is discontinued, you would probably retire the bag due to the normal wear and tear it has experienced.
    4. The ability to change the Dior strap makes it easy to "freshen up" if you ever get tired of the style. Just get a Dior Boho strap to go with it when you want a change.
  3. Thank you so much! Great reasons, really helped me clarify my thoughts. I think this season's Chanel backpack is calfskin, but nonetheless I did not think of the potential creasing due to the turnlock and drawstring opening. Thanks so much for your reply, everyone is so lovely and helpful on this forum. It is so nice to discuss bags with fellow bag enthusiasts, think my husband is a little sick of me babbling on about handbags !
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  4. Really liking the navy grained calfskin J'adior version and just wondering if anyone knows what season it is from and if it is still available in boutiques? Can only see black and white smooth calfskin versions online.

    Also anyone have the smooth version and can comment on wear and tear? Does it get lots of scratches? Am thinking of just going with the smooth if that is all that is available in the store but will consider pre-owned if grained is more durable. I know it is silly, but I just really wanted to purchase from the Paris store!
  5. I have the smooth calf leather J’adior since March last year and have been wearing her regularly. Until now I don’t see any scratches at all. There’s a tiny bit of creasing on the 2 sides of the flap, only when you open the bag. But I think it’s just normal wear, there’s nothing to worry about. When the flap is closed, it’s not noticeable at all. I love this style and must say that I am really impressed with the quality. It’s so luxuriously lined in suede inside.
  6. Thank you! That is excellent to hear and most helpful . Arriving in Paris tomorrow and first stop will be Dior boutique!
  7. I think the giant J’ADIOR is too showy and will get old fast. Maybe another style from Dior? They do have a lot of lovely, more discreet options.
  8. Love the Ja Dior bag. The service in Dior and the Christmas packaging are to die for. Just a hint? I searched three Dior boutiques for a bag and the Dior boutique in la Bon Marche had everything I was looking for. Dior Montaigne has beautiful Christmas decor but they had very poor selection? I think because of the riots they moved inventory around. Anyways good luck.
  9. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Yes am a little worried too showy and picked the bag online as it seems practical- can go hands free (over the shoulder), change the strap and go from day to night easily. Nontheless will try it on and see how it looks. I have tried on the medium Diorama before but it appeared too boxy on me. The small looked better on but I felt it was a little squishy for everyday use. Playing tetris trying to fit everything in is a bit annoying (looking at you Chanel flap)! Will try the med on again anyway. I wanted an everyday bag so thought the Lady Dior bit too formal?

    Thank you! Will go to the boutique in la Bon Marche first so that I can try on and compare a few styles. So excited to purchase my first Dior!
  10. The Lady Dior comes in a gorgeous studded calfskin with a flap opening which is so chic when worn casually:
    This YouTuber shows the difference between the studded version and the classic version.

    It even comes in ultra-black.
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  11. The Lady Dior studded or all black is a wonderful bag - a bit edgy and modern and can be worn casually or dressed up. This would be a great choice.
    Enjoy your trip!
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  12. Loving the ultra black! Will check this one out. Thank you for the suggestions!
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  13. I'm in Paris now as well (on the metro as I type, making my way over to the Moynat store). I suggest you visit a couple of Dior boutiques to see what they're showing that isn't shown online. Personally, I prefer Diorama to J'aDior, but...
    As for the Lady Dior medium, it's gorgeous but I find the opening too small...
  14. So I went to the Dior store in Le Bon Marche today and tried on a few styles. The SA told me the Lady Dior in ultrablack was completely sold out worldwide. Bit disappointed as that was the one I wanted to try on the most. Tried on some Lady Dior bags - bit too prim and proper on me and felt like "the bag was wearing me" if that makes sense. I would've liked to have tried the ultrablack. Think the edginess of the black studs would have offset the formality and been a good fit for what I wanted.

    Tried on the J'adior bag in both black/gold and ultrablack, but was definitely too logo-ish on me and bit too loud. Felt like anyone looking at me would only see the logo! Looks great on others but not for me .

    Quite liked the medium Diorama in ultrablack chain doubled over shoulder, but looked too boxy and large crossbody and single over the shoulder on my frame.

    Popped over to Chanel Rue Cambon and came home with navy/black Gabrielle hobo! As soon as I put it on I loved it. I know there are concerns with the horizontal creasing and scratching of the base but I loved the style on and it kind of felt "effortless and chic".

    I really wanted something from Dior but struggling to find a style/colour combo that suits me. I do think I might get a wallet from Dior this trip too so now researching again....

    Really impressed with the Dior quality and finish so definitely would like to purchase a Dior bag in the future, just need to find the right style and colour combo. Thank you everyone for all your help, it was so nice to hear feedback from other bag enthusiasts!
  15. So just a little update. I just purchased the red patent Lady Dior cardholder (the one with the snap button so can shove some cash and cards in there too)! It is a really beautiful deep red colour. Needed a new very compact wallet for my mini bags and was actually planning to purchase the LV Rosalie Coin due to the good reviews, but was really underwhelmed when I saw it in person.

    I ended up purchasing from Galeries Lafayette. Just a little side note, I thought I would purchase a Dior bag this trip too however had some really disappointing customer service. At Le Bon Marche, the SA told me the ultrablack Lady Dior was sold out worldwide. When I checked the website later, it is only sold out in France but not other countries like Hong Kong and US (flying home with HK stopover and going to US in Feb). Willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and perhaps it was just a lost in translation error?? Also went to two other Dior stand alone stores - they were really snooty, we stood around for ages whilst there were free SAs who ignored me and they were very reluctant to let me try on bags. Kind of felt like they thought they'd be wasting their time helping me. In fact I wasn't going to purchase a Dior bag or wallet after those experiences as it really didn't feel nice...even my husband who doesn't usually care about these kind of things suggested I pick a different brand. Only changed my mind when I spotted the colour of this one in the display at Galeries Lafayette and a young male SA came over and offered assistance. He was very lovely and helpful.

    I am still open to purchasing a Dior bag in the future (perhaps studded ultrablack red or white Lady Dior) but am ever so slightly put off by my experience in several Dior stores here in Paris. Hopefully next time, the SA will be like the one at Galeries Lafayette!