Which bag in wine?

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  1. Which wine bag should I choose:

    --Im yours tote

    --Stroke me (large)

    --Take Me Everywhere midi

    --(or, Rebecca Minkoff Nikki in wine)

    I currently have an Indulge Me (black crash) and am awaiting a purple Stroke Me medium, glossy apple LMM, dark grey LM midi. I found the original LM to be a bit too bulky for me if that makes a difference in your vote lol (although I do like large bags)
  2. I vote for the IYT, since it will give you a bit of variety among your bags.
  3. Hmmm...I like the IYT and SM (and Nikki too but I already have hobos covered). I think if you have ANY thought of getting an SM you may want to go that route. That said, my choice would be the IYT! Confusing? Sorry!
  4. Yeah, ITA with kings_20, to give you a variety of styles. And, the IYT is gorgeous!!! In fact, I just returned one in Wine with Silver h/w and two zips ~ the last one like this, I believe. It ought to be back to Ashley by the end of next week, I imagine. There is also the Wine IYT with gold h/w and one zip (like Cornflower Blue's Petrol IYT), although I prefer its original two zip look with Silver h/w. Let us know what you decide!!
  5. I like the idea of the I'm Yours Tote in wine!

    Then you could have a complete range of BE bags to choose from! All different types, all different colours and a mix of leathers!

    The very idea is making me :drool:!!
  6. Depends on what you would use it for. Work = I'm Yours Tote. Casual = TME Midi or RM Nikki.
  7. Im a SAHM with 5 kids and 3 step kids....no outside work for me at the moment lol.
  8. Wow, that's quite a clan. I'm impressed. I think you need a TME Midi for that role. I think it can be dressed up or down. Although I'm biased because I love that bag.:P
  9. Hmmm...yes, in that case maybe the TME midi because it's so excellently organized! I have one child and an LM that keeps our stuff organized well when we're out and about.
  10. I say the IY tote or the TME midi. If you get the IY tote go for the one dsrk returned. I love the ones with 2 zippers! I love both bags though!
  11. Sukey - then I would definitely go for the TME or the Nikki, depending on which style you like better. I'm not sure compartmentalized bags help me much because I end up sticking some really bulky items in my bags - and compartments only tend to get in the way. Sometimes cavernous bags are the way to go when kids are involved. Keep that in mind when choosing.

    The I'm Yours Tote in wine has a very crisp, business-like feel. Although, I kind of feel that way about all structured bags.
  12. First I'd prefer Jackie's wine leather over RM as much as I love RM too! Jackie's wine is more unique and distressed and not so flat looking. I'd say a SM or IYT.
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