Where is your Burberry made in?

  1. I have one bag and a cosmetic case and both say made in Italy.
  2. I have to agree although it does make me a bag snob.
  3. Yes, Burberry has factories in China. My Burberry Ziggy wallet is imported, as well as my Burberry nova check tote. It says so on the website.
  4. I don't think its fair that the official website says that the Mini Bowling Bag is made in Italy but the inside of the actual bag says its made in China. I feel deceived although the bag's design and appearance is beautiful...:amuse:
  5. Today while i was shopping with my girlfriend... i went into burberry at bloomingdales and say that inside the tag of the purse say Made in China, it had totally struck me. I never new that Burberry was Made in China. it made it sound "cheap"/ "fake", no longer classy. it broke my heart. =((
  6. now made in China..but I think the materials are for export quality, so you won't see this quality at the cheapy kiosks/ stores in China.
  7. Thank goodness my Lowry bag is made in Italy. I bought it without checking...so stupid...
  8. I was at the Burberry store yesterday. I looked at these two bags and the leather is simply gorgeous. What surprised me is the fabric made in label said "Made in Turkey". I'm used to seeing vintage pieces made in Turkey, but these are new. I guess Burberry moved a few of their production to Turkey again.

    What's odd is the website has it shown as made in Italy. :confused1:


  9. Not just bags. I was looking at some Burberry men's coats the other day and they too were made in Turkey.
  10. I have one Burberry that I bought in London while studying abroad. It's made in England.
    They are slowly bringing different things to China, though. I read about it in the newspaper when I was in London, and people were very upset. I think they closed one of their first factories in Wales or something like that to move to China. I don't remember exactly, but there was an article posted here worth checking out for the girls who are worried.
    I think it's kind of deceiving that they do this now though. I wouldn't really mind, but I think the fact that they have this reputation and call themselves "Burberry London" is quite misleading now..
  11. I have a scarf and a jacket - both say Made in England. My girlfriend has a scarf that says Made in Scotland and a trench that says Made in China. They are all authentic. I bought mine in Houston and Austin (at Burberry and Nordstrom's respectively) and she bought hers in South Carolina at Burberry.

    As for my bags: They all say Burberry London - one says made in England and two say made in China.

    Shoes: One pair says made in England and the slippers don't say at all. Both were purchased at Burberry in Houston.

    Nothing I have says made in Italy.
  12. I have a pink nova check purse that's made in Italy, but I have definitley seen Burberry items in the store that are made in china. It seems that a lot of the newer accessories (wallets, wristlets, etc) that I have seen are made there.
  13. Mine says China. I wish I had seen that before purchasing.
  14. Few years ago, here in Europe, it was in all the news. It was a big issue, the employee in Europe were not happy to lose their jobs and customers were wondering if it will lose all its value.
  15. my sweet sweet husband bought me a burberry messenger bag from Holt Renfrew a while ago but I just had to returned it. The quality is soooooo bad! the strap was full of wrinkle before I even use the bag! it was made in China. my husband told the sales that i couldn't accept the quality and the sale didn't question us at all! he said that burberry had made a bad decision for manufacturing some of their lines in China!