Where is your Burberry made in?

  1. when i found the made in china tag
    i was about to die . i was very sad .
    i bought the east west style nova check tote
    the rectangle one
  2. I have three burberry and they are all made in Italy. They are older style though.
  3. i just bought my burberry purse! its made in italy...i did ask the sales personnel why some is made in china...was informed tat materials are still from italy... Btw, does anyone know how do i take care as mine is canvas type?
  4. My bag was bought and made in Italy.
  5. The bag I just got was made in Italy.
  6. My house check tote is made in Italy as well as a large leather hobo. But my nova check tote is China. Are certain checks made in certain countries? That would be odd... :shrugs:
  7. My novacheck tote is made in China. The SA said the materials are made in Italy and than shipped to China and the materials are put together as a bag in China. I find that odd.
  8. Italy.
  9. SA told me that all the Burb. sunglasses are made in china now.
  10. I guess I don't mind that it's made in China as long as the quality control is stringent. But I have to admit, there's a certain glamour associated with a bag from Italy...KWIM?
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    Back earlier in 2007, Burberry closed up several work shops in UK and opened new ones in China for higher profit margin. Because of that, I believe, Burberry has also lost its Royal Warrant. Here, I found the news from BBC:


    This logo has lost its identity. From that point on, I have banned Burberry from my collection. I thought this was a popular news to tPF, apparently many people don't know about it.
  12. I have 2 quilted leather hobos from Burberry, both are made in Italy.
  13. I got a backpack from Nordies Rack and it is made in Italy.
  14. I just bought a Burberry brown leather hobo from Holt's and I kind of freaked out because it says Made in Turkey! It has the brown Burberry lining - but now I want to bring it back! I never expected that! Now I don't feel as good about buying Burberry.
  15. I have a Burberry hat that I bought from the Vacaville Outlet that is made in Italy. Also, my old prescription eyeglasses/case are made in Italy, as well.

    I've noticed a lot of the nova check stuff at the Outlet is made in China, but some items like the Haymarket is made in Italy. I'm not a fan of Haymarket however. It's too bad that the Nova Check, which is more beautiful, is made in China. Yuck.