Where in the world is...your COACH?!

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  1. Ok, I have this idea...post pics of where you have been with your Coach! I got this idea from the lady who recently posted pics of her and her Coach in Italy(sorry I forgot your username). I dont have any pictures right now to post, but I am going on vacation in 2 weeks and will have lots of pictures then.
    So, go ahead....post those pictures!!!
    If this post gets alot of feedback, I think we should try to make it a sticky!!
  2. cool idea! I'll be posting some pictures of my bags on vacation after memorial day!
  3. :wlae:I now have a mission to go somewhere cool so I can post to the thread!
  4. My Coaches have been to Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, Hutchinson, KS and Oklahoma City. In a couple of months, they'll head for Lincoln, NE.

    Yeah. I'm a real jet-setter.

    - TwoSirius
  5. ^^ :roflmfao:

  6. Me too!!
  7. I wont post a picture of ME right now (trying to loose some weight :crybaby:).

    However, all my coaches probably reside the furthest north of anyone here - -except for 'Frozen in Alaska' - we live close to each other.

    We are a couple of hours from the Artic Circle :nuts:We also live right next to where Santa lives - seriously!! North Pole!! So maybe I can get a picture of one of my Coach's sitting in his chair at his house which is about 15min from me :tup:
  8. Good thread can't wait to see pics!!
  9. QueenOfDa702 - Great thread! :tup:

    Should we post where the pic was taken - or - have some fun with it and make us guess?
  10. I don't have pictures of me with them on. I don't carry a bag while sightseeing or shopping, just a mini skinny, now wristlets. Coach has gone with me to:

    Spain last year (my blue Wilis)

    Cathedral of Leon (northern Spain)

    Cruise last year (black signature duffle)


    Great Bay, St Maarten

    Hotel here in PR (my stitched hobo in the pic!!)


  11. Maybe it would be more fun if we guessed:okay:

    Agh...i cant wait to go on vacation! haha.
  12. Beautiful photos!!!!!!

  13. im going to Rule, Texas (for graduation and the class is 16 people and its the biggest class in the school !)

    ill be sure an take pics.
  14. From last month's trip to DC. Purple mini sig duffle.



  15. I'm heading to Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday, I will have a few Coach bags and LVs with me.