Where has "my posts" gone?

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  1. I can't live without it LOL - is it gone for good? :flowers::flowers:
  2. ^ aahhh, thanks beautylicious!
  3. I am so missing the search functions. Any ideas how long we'll be without?
  4. yes i don't like tpf without the new posts does anyone know when it will be back?? **sign** i'll be back when it's back and running
  5. you won't contribute because we took a feature away?

    Vlad did it to help the Forums continue to be here at all. We have well over 95,000 members that's a big a$$ load to carry!
    Everytime he's had to remove it, it's been temporary.
  6. Well since you don't plan on being here until it comes back, you will not know then, will you?

    Sorry, but comments like this are SO frustrating. We have TONS of servers and techs that work on this site everyday. We keep up with it as fast as we can, add more servers, spend more hours, and do our best to keep every function. Sometimes, with a site that has 95,000 people, our site gets bogged down and we need to take away a feature or two. We didn't close the site, we merely took something away for a short time.

    So please, cut us a little more slack. We will get it up as soon as we can.
  7. ^^Megs, ignore the haters. That was just pure immaturity.... I figured you were working on search functions. You guys do a great job here and we're all really grateful. Keep up the amazing good work! :heart:
  8. see ya. :rolleyes:
  9. I miss it too, but we know Megs and Vlad and the techs are doing everything they can. I'd much rather have the site be stable than be able to search, so I will wait patiently and just visit the forums like I would anyway.

    At first I was worried the "my posts" was taken away, but then I realized that it involved searching and since all the searching has been disabled on the site then it makes sense.

    Thank you Megs and Vlad!
  10. :roflmfao: :tup:
  11. I'd rather have some features missing for as long as necessary than having to close the site like we had awhile back. I know that it was necessary, but man, that was pure torture, I had serious withdrawal symptoms :nuts:

    Good luck with fixing the problems!
  12. :shrugs: Entitlement complex?

    Thanks, Megs, Vlad, Swanky, Amanda, and the other mods for all your work on our behalf.
  13. Lol ummm... this is probably very stupid but... my posts? What is this my posts thing? Every time I want to find the posts i've made I type my username in the search box. Is there an easier way?
  14. "my posts" = her post count. It went down.
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