where does a reseller get 10 or more

  1. croc birkins...............i dont get it?
  2. Me neither. :search:

    THe only thing I can figure is that she has a lot of contacts with people who have come across them in a stroke of luck and/or SO'ed them, bought the bag to save face with their SA--and then sold them to said reseller.

    Or she's paying people to go buy them, as has been rumored. That would explain the ludicrous markup.

  3. still--if it was one or two from say one reseller and one or two from another BUT its just dozens...................i swear its asthough HErmes shipped all its croc for the season to 3 people! i mean how many croc do they even produce --i wonder..........
  4. interesting question!!! i would like to know too!
  5. Yeah, well, also: She's not super clear about what YEAR the bag is from. Even if it's technically new in box, she might have been sitting on it since 2004. Just a thought.
  6. We usually have around 4-6 croc Birkins at my store at any given time, so it would be possible here. Mind you, the mark up if they came from my store would be astronomical!
  7. I asked this question at the Madison Ave. store last week,and also at my store.
    They both said that while there are people who buy to re-sell,there just aren't THAT many bags. I was advised that many of the bags are not authentic, and to be wary of eBay. I also left the Madison store the Japanese Brand Mall catalogue. They said that these are not authentic Hermes,and they had a good time looking at it. At the Madison store they said that they do try to watch for people that they suspect of buying just to re-sell.
  8. This is very interesting... I am curious ...
  9. Quite an observation :tup:
    I would like to know how, if possible,
    they come across all of them.
  10. what is the japanese brand catalogue? and if the above mentioned seller is THE one on eBay with ALL the crocs, are any fake? i also wonder how and why 1 person can get all these, when supposedly they are so rare.

  11. well the main sellers with the crocs are CDL, Mightykismet and Hermes** (I have always wondered if Mightykismet wasnt also Hermes**)
  12. The Japanese Brand Mall catalogue is a book I purchased on Amazon. There is a thread on here that mentions it. It has countless pictures of Hermes purses,some of which are discontinued. I showed it to an SA(Lydia) at the Madison store. She also showed it to a gentleman SA,I didn't get his name.
    They thought that some of the pictures were likely real,but said that the purse would not be authentic if purchased there. As for an Ebay re-seller; I can't say,as I have never purchased a bag from any.
  13. well if you have contacts all over the world and so access to houndreds of stores it is fairly easy to get the bags kwim? also i do know of h vvips who buy every bag they get offered and the women flip it for a little profit aka pocket money
    about the coments of h about resellers /japanese reseller stores and authenticy of course they say that they are not sure yada yada as they are 1. against resellers 2.) want your business 3.) don´t want to encourage you to go that route

  14. No, she's a different person. I know Hermes**, she's quite fab!
  15. I've heard this from one of the resellers mentioned, too.