where does a reseller get 10 or more

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Apr 8, 2007
i'm 100% pretty sure resellers have their own people act as a buyer for their stocks :idea: (i was once stopped by a chinese couple in Paris street who wants me to buy them couple of LV bags with their travel checks)

And as the one on japanese brand mall magazine (or i called it advertising handbag magazine coz the content mostly tell you each reseller store has what) not all of them are brand new, actually most of them are used authentic handbag. Each store usually put pics of their stock that available. No wonder why in japan they have alot of stocks because japanese customers are the biggest market of luxury brand taking 45% profit margin of the company. This also explain why many luxury brand companies build flagship store over there and sometimes produce special design products only to sell in japan :smile:


Mar 25, 2006
I asked this question at the Madison Ave. store last week,and also at my store.
They both said that while there are people who buy to re-sell,there just aren't THAT many bags. I was advised that many of the bags are not authentic, and to be wary of Ebay. I also left the Madison store the Japanese Brand Mall catalogue. They said that these are not authentic Hermes,and they had a good time looking at it. At the Madison store they said that they do try to watch for people that they suspect of buying just to re-sell.
This is so untrue. Can't believe the SAs said that. Good grief.


Feb 21, 2006
They probably meant the catalogue itself cos the Brand Mall catalogue is of course not authentic Hermes material ...the only official catalogue is Le Monde.
Oct 12, 2006
well if you have contacts all over the world and so access to houndreds of stores it is fairly easy to get the bags kwim? also i do know of h vvips who buy every bag they get offered and the women flip it for a little profit aka pocket money
about the coments of h about resellers /japanese reseller stores and authenticy of course they say that they are not sure yada yada as they are 1. against resellers 2.) want your business 3.) don´t want to encourage you to go that route
That is exactly what I was thinking!:tup:


Jun 14, 2007
The SA at Madison said that the Brand Mall catalogue was not authentic. I left it with them because I purchased it only to show an Hermes store and ask for their opinion. I think that all of us here only want to purchase authentic Hermes. Being suspicious and cautious is not a bad thing in my book.
Do you have first hand knowledge that this catalogue sells only authentic hermes? I do not want to upset anyone. I am just very suspicious.


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Jul 25, 2006
I just use it as a guide to gauge what I like and what I don't like.
I haven't bought anything from the advertisers in the back.
I like the guys in the picture with the white gloves and the Jackie-O long feathered hairflips. They are such cuties.
I always want to touch and feel it. :tup: the bags silly...not the hair.

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May 29, 2006

I was under the impression that while most of the bags in the Japanese catalogues are authentic, some are fake. Mind you, my old SA said a bag was fake in one of those catalogues and it just turns out that she had never seen the colour before, because Hermes "trial" a lot of new and unusual colurs on the Japanese market, first. Colours that sometimes never make it into any further production.

Here where My H is located, we were the first in the world (yes, even before Paris) to get the 70 x 70 cm scarves - they trialled the size here, and in silk-twill, not the "vintage silk" they eventually ran with.

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Feb 26, 2007
I've also wondered about this. There just aren't that many croc birkins flying around. Another reason I'm happy to put my time in at the store and wait my turn - plus it's guaranteed to be authentic, no worries, and a much better price point.
Sep 12, 2007
I wonder about this a great deal too. I guess they do it the traditional way - develop relationships with SAs and H stores throughout the world. They get put on the list. They buy the bags. They put in inventory. Then they ebay it. The financing must be enormous.
Jun 27, 2006
my aunt has purchased several croc bags from CDL for years now and all her bags are authentic. (she's willing to pay the markup bc she wants instant gratification and can afford it) i also heard that CDL was banned from all the H stores too. is this true???

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Feb 26, 2007
I'm not sure but I have heard of this happening.

What I really want to know is when they walk in the front door, do they have security escort them out? Or do they refuse to allow them to make purchases? God, that would be awful.

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Aug 6, 2007
villa di como
What I really want to know is when they walk in the front door, do they have security escort them out? Or do they refuse to allow them to make purchases? God, that would be awful.
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Their are two 8x10 pictures hanging in the back of every H store
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