Where do you put your birkin 30 or 35 on an airplane?


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Jun 29, 2006
Chanel is not caviar its calfskin but due to the stitching its stiff.. even empty the bag cannot be bent!!.. there's tiny scratches on the bag since it went inside so many flight compartment but for me its the perfect travel bag..really!


Nov 27, 2006
Chanel is not caviar its calfskin but due to the stitching its stiff.. even empty the bag cannot be bent!!.. there's tiny scratches on the bag since it went inside so many flight compartment but for me its the perfect travel bag..really!
It sounds perfect. Do you know the name of the style? Is it the cerf?


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Jun 29, 2006
Hmm.. oh no i dont know the name.. it was released 6yrs ago though.. I will ask in the Chanel forum and let you know :smile:


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Aug 28, 2006
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I put my 35 under my seat and lay it on it's side. The reason being is I don't like the overhead b/c someone can shove something next to or on top of your bag when you are not looking. If your bag is towards the aft of the compartment when the plane takes off the bags infront of yours will slides back and squash your bag same with landing if your bag is in the front of the compt.

Now here is the biggest reason why I don't put it on top. You never know what ppl pack in their carry on. Some ppl pack liquids and I have seen spills inside the compt. Have anyone seen O.J leaking from a overhead? I have and it was not a pretty sight. Some ppl pack dried ice in their bags for whatever they are brining and I wouldn't want my birkin to get the chills sitting next to a bag with dry ice. There are a lot more weird things...including live crabs.:yucky:

Okay I know all this b/c I was a flight attendant before.
Apr 18, 2006
I've carried only a Birkin 30/35, Bolide 31, and Kelly 32 on a plane. I put the yucky wool airplane blanket on the floor, then place my bag on top and secure it with my leg during landing and take-off. Sometimes the flight attendants let me hold the bag, though!
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Dec 23, 2005
i put a 30/35 birkin under the seat in front of me. it holds their shape up.
I do the same thing. My 35 evergrain birkin does fit under the seat in front of me. I tend to "place" it not quite under the seat (making a little "wall")...when the plane takes off I place it under my legs next to my seat so that I have more legroom. She has survived multiple trips now in fine form.


Sep 15, 2006
If you have more money to burn, I would recommend you fly first or business class so your Birkin can travel in style and comfort.

If you are flying coach, then for God's sake, buy another ticket so your Birkin can seat next to you :smile:

Or if you are like me, need to fly coach and still want to drag your Birkin along, bring a more beat-up one in a leather that take withstand wear better (mentioned above) and then wrap inside its dust cover and slide under your seat carefully.

I even tell the person sitting behind me that I've got a bag with sentimental value stored under my seat and can he/she be real careful not to kick it. Then I try to smile real pretty at them and pray for the best.

The worst is turbulence during meal times...then I pray that no liquids fly into my Birkin's direction. I never store in the overhead compartment. Too much stress not being to "guard" her 24/7.

And usually after every flight, I regret bringing my Birkin along...the stress....argh.


Oct 12, 2006
I typically take the 35 cm black one and place it standing up, flush behind my calves. So I am cheating by having it at that part of my seat rather than under the seat in front of me. I complete the deception with throwing an airplane blanket over my lap and spreading it as wide as possible. Any attention from the flight attendants is then likely to be re: my seatbelt, not my bag. Have never had a problem with this ruse. Oh, and this is all in coach.
I once took the fuchsia ostrich and it got a HORRIBLE wet stain on the bottom, presumably from the airplane floor. I managed to "fix" this when I discovered this the next day, but, I don't think I am going to be flying with it again.


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Mar 11, 2006
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Thanks for bringing up this topic, mizzle! Very useful info when I take my JPG Birkin for her first trip ever next month, to NYC. If HG can fit her 45cm, then I should be fine *crossed fingers*...and good thing she's clemence.


Apr 28, 2006
Do you take your Birkin with you to the restroom on the airplane?
It's so tight in there...sorry mizzle to hijack your thread.

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Nov 20, 2006
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I usually carry the 35cm (its the perfect size for travel - at least for me). I usually have the window seat and I put the airplane emergency/info flyer (the one that describes what type of airplane it is, emergency procedures, etc), put it on the floor beside the window and place my bag on top of that. That way, I can access everything in my bag.

If my kids happen to be playing with all those laminated flyers, I take one of the blankets, and there my birkin will sit until we arrive.

And I only take my grained leather birkins with me - no box, no swift. I brought my chevre birkin with me on a transpacific flight and it held up well. Don't have to fold it or scrunch since it's sitting upright anyway.

Would not even dare put my birkin on the overhead bin. I've seen people just shove their things in there until the bin can close! Yikes!


May 30, 2006
30/35s go under the seat in front of me without any problem. Togo and Fjord I have no issue with shoving under the seat--the handles bend a bit but as soon as we're done taking off, I create that "wall" SoCal mentioned by pulling it out. But whatever bag I carry is usually safely ensconced in its Longchamp Pliages.