Where do you put your birkin 30 or 35 on an airplane?

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  1. It's too tall to go upright under the seat in front of you. Do you lay it on its side and hope no one kicks it? I need my stuff, so I wouldn't want to put it in the overhead. [Yes, I'm new and this is my third thread today. You gals are so knowledgeable and my questions are endless ...]

  2. I'll put it up the overhead for takeoff and landing !! And bring it down so I can reach my stuff !
    Dont think I wana try to stuff it under the seat :s
  3. I have a 45 in togo and I just kick it under the chair. No problem. It holds up well and I just stuff it when I get home. I would do this with only togo and clemence, though, the other leathers may not handle this much abuse.
  4. hg, you are awesome!! Do you think chevre or vl could handle that?
  5. ^^ I just dont take Hermes to the airport.. i'll be stressing over the bag being squeezed in the upper compartment!! To airports i take Chanel or LV!!:yes:

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  6. ^^^^Mizzle, chevre and vl can handle light scratches, not deep ones. Vache liegee if scratched too deeply cannot be brought back to like new conditions because the dying process requires two different colors and chevre can show scratches. Togo and clemence can be refurbished to like new. I was shocked when I brought it back from the shop how good it looked. Now, the one advantage vache liegee has over chevre is that it is more durable. Remember, vache liegee was used for Hermes luggage for a while before it was used in bags. It's also lighter than togo or clemence. My first pick would be togo or clemence, then VL, then chevre. Box, swift and evercalf/evergrain.................I wouldn't recommend.
  7. I agree with HG. I do not carry a box or chevre Birkin on a plane because they are too stiff. They won't fit under the seat and someone could dent one in the overhead bin. The soft leathers adapt. I often carry a 40 buffalo which bends nicely to fit under the seat. My husband always picks bulkhead, so I have to deal with the overhead.
    You can put a Birkin in its sleeper to store overhead, but you have to really watch that someone does not move it and shove something else into it.
    I think we all need a Birkin that has been beat up a little to travel with, so it is not a worry.
  8. So chevre is not as durable as I thought. I'd gotten the impression that it was ideal, being scratch resistant and light. If someone dented my birkin in the overhead...the air marshalls might have their hands full...not really, but I'd be very sad.

  9. I'm anal, I worry about lost luggage so I will NEVER check them in with my luggage :wtf:

    Plus if the plane crashes, I wana go down with my birkin :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
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  10. Gotta love tPF. Where else are Chanel and LV considered "airplane bags?"
  11. OMG God Forbid lol This is hilarious!!!
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  12. I love these two bags (chanel and LV) for airports.. i have the chanel bag for more than 6yrs and it witnessed alot of traveling and airports personnel but its as good as new!! LV is new but same size (size of a 35cm birkin actually).. also holds its shape and i can fit whatever i want inside them and zip them up!! Birkins on the other hand has no zipper and i would worry that the birkin and its content would be squashed with others' suitcases!!:sweatdrop:
  13. Pinkish, they sound durable. If I may digress, what models are they? Is the Chanel a caviar?
  14. i put a 30/35 birkin under the seat in front of me. it holds their shape up.
  15. Pazt, do you turn them on their sides?