Where do you live?


Where do you live?

  1. North America

  2. South America

  3. Asia

  4. Europe

  5. Australia

  6. Africa

  7. Antarctica

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  1. Okay, so I don't know if there was already a thread for this, but where does everyone live??
    I myself live in San Francisco.
  2. Just outside Toronto.
  3. Just north of Colorado Springs.
  4. beverly hills, which is in la county, but technically a seperate city right outside of los angeles.
  5. Orlando
  6. San Diego
  7. NJ, Jersey City to be exact. So far only one on the east coast.
  8. San Franciso as well. The shopping's great!
  9. Los Angeles,CA
  10. OOo, there's a lot of San Franciscans here! I think fellowpurseblogger Jane is also from SF. I was beginning to think Kyliereese and I were the only purse addicts here!
  11. Oohhh Jenna, where in S.F..
  12. Texas....where there's malls galore......
  13. Minnesota! Woo! Gotta love the Mall of America ;o)
  14. I've always wanted to go there. lol
  15. Honolulu, Hawaii :biggrin: