Where do you live?


Where do you live?

  1. North America

  2. South America

  3. Asia

  4. Europe

  5. Australia

  6. Africa

  7. Antarctica

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  1. Depends on what day of week it is, I'm a nomad!

    On weekdays, I'm in Davis, CA. On weekends I'm either in Stockton or Hayward. And then occassionally I'll be in Oakland.
  2. Oh, you should go! It's full of about 520 stores that you could find almost anywhere... but they're in one place. What a rush!
  3. It should like you could get lost there, but that's not a bad thing. hehe
  4. OOhhh Hillsborough huh Tod, nice little city, huge mansions..I used to live in burlingame..
  5. Okinawa...BTW I love love love the Mall Of America!!:love: :love:
  6. I'm a CANADIAN!! Vancouver, British columbia.
    come vist me sometime ladies!! It truly beautiful here.
  7. Irvine, CA (yay for south coast plaza :love:) but in san diego for college right now :suspiciou
  8. Wow, I really want to visit one day. Is it true they even have one of those "nap stores" there? The ones where you pay and they let you take a snooze in a special chair?
  9. Berlin/Germany and Athens/Greece:love:
  10. Well it looks like i'm the first one here reppin' the Dirrty South :-P

    Athens, Georgia for school (University of Georgia), originally from Marietta, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) and still there occassionally on the weekends.
  11. Norman, Oklahoma
  12. Ny
  13. Newport Beach...a mile from the ocean, 5-10 minutes from Fashion Island, 10 minutes from South Coast Plaza... (driving of course, this is SoCal...)
  14. Well let me join you on the east coast! lol eeeveryone is from the westcoat but i'm from NJ too. but more central NJ then Jersey City. but (hopefully :worried:smile: i'll be living in PA soon for college (Villanova cross your fingers! lol or NC for unc-chapel hill but since its like impossible to get into out of state...don't bother crossing your fingers :sad:)
  15. Manila, Philppines. Minutes away from the malls, but takes an hour to get there cause of the super heavy traffic!!!