Where can I get addt'l Coach dust bags?

  1. So, i'm a frequent shopper of the 'bay, craigslist, and even garage sales (I totally scored a stripe shoulder bag for $5!) Continuing, as we all know, they rarely come with dustbags.

    With the exception of paying (often) ridiculous prices from people selling them separately, is there anyway I could score some for cheap/free? If I walked into a FP store and asked for one?
  2. I hope somebody has a good answer for this question. I, too, buy bags from the bay and they almost never have dust bags. It would be so great to be able to get some. I use flannel pillow cases but they won't fit the big totes.
  3. Sometimes they will give you one in the boutique, but you have to be careful because some don't like to give them out for fear of resellers or covering up a fake with a real dustbag.
  4. I just bought the XL one for $10 shipped on Bonanzle. They might give them to you at the Coach store, but if you request multiples they will probably cut you off.
  5. My birthday is in 6 days, and i've got a tingling feeling the husband might've done something coach related, so if he did (like a gift card!) maybe i'll ask for an extra one or two....I just hate paying for something that you get free...I am super stingy! lol.
  6. I don't know anything about the dust bags, but I just wanted to say that I love your picture! Too cute!
  7. I've noticed that in resale shops, very few purses come with dustbags - I assume the owners sold them separately or are using them for purses that didn't come with them.

    If you can sew you just need a nice satiny fabric and can make your own - or some people on here use pillowcases.

    LOL - at our last church rummage sale there was an LV dustbag (without a purse and I doubt it was authentic anyway) and the salesladies didn't know what to do with it - I think they ended up giving it away to someone who bought a no-name bag of the right size.
  8. I've asked at the boutique before and they gave me an extra, no questions asked. Again, be careful with asking for multiples, as they might jump on the idea that your a reseller
  9. I've gotten them from the boutique also, no questions asked. But the SAs there know me pretty well. Not sure if this makes them more comfortable doing it...
  10. Yea my Coach rep here gave me a few for free, but i dont know if all stores do that. I had emailed Coach and they said use a pillowcase... on a side note I just bought my first Burberry bag, and it arrived without a dustbag somehow. So I called their CS and they are shipping me one no questions asked..I wish Coach was like that..
  11. ita!;) darling pic!!!!:flowers:
  12. If you have a good relationship with your SA in the FP store you might get one... You can also try at the Outlet some time they have extra...

    Even with good relations in both I had to buy one on Bonanzle the other day.. it was only $8.00 shipped.. I know they are making money off of something that is free but it was the best price I could find and I am in need of dustbags...
  13. I asked at a boutique and they gave me two - no questions asked.
  14. I'd like to (also) answer my own question. Today I went to southcenter (our local mall in Seattle) and I asked the SA at Nordstrom if she knew whether the Coach boutique gave out dust bags (Why'd I ask her...I don't know..I happened to be in there checking out a poppy bag ((which I heart BTW, but I refrained)) Anyways, she asked me where I purchase my bags, I told her normally Nordies or eBay. She was like, Oh, we've got some laying around! She got me a coach xl white satin bag, than two other large dustbags from different brands (Uh..hobo and dooney maybe?)

    SOO! She was really chill and hooked me up with 3 new dustbags! I wasn't comfortable going to the FP store with my 3 year old and screaming 7 month old but I'm really glad the girls at Nordstroms are so nice.
  15. I have loads of dust bags but not sure where i can sell them. They are all genuine as belonged to my mother who alays hung her bags up.