Where Are You Going This Year?

  1. Montego bay next week!:yahoo:
  2. FEBRUARY- Miami & a cruise to the Bahamas
    JUNE- Las Vegas
    Fall 2010- Florida (again) or NYC
  3. I thought I had a busy schedule till I read the plans of some of the ladies here!

    For me it's gonna be:
    February-March - Hong Kong & Hokkaido/Tokyo
    April - Florence, Venice, Rome

    Then I'm out of PTO. =( So I won't be sick for awhile...
  4. Taos, New Mexico..next month. (hopefully!)
  5. Going to Buffalo, NY next month, then SoCal in May. Then in July we're moving to Madrid and will be there for a few years. It's going to be a busy year.
  6. Have quite a bit planned for this year - several weekend trips to Noosa (long weekends, probably a week in July), Paris in September, Sydney weekends in November and December, then back to Noosa for the Christmas/New Year break.

    Gosh, my year looks positively fun-filled!
  7. Aspen in a couple of weeks
    Planning a trip to Asia March/April
    Camping in Utah in May
  8. Paris for all of July and some of August, I can't wait! :yahoo:
  9. Jan- I was in Antwerp, Brugge, Brussels, Cologne, and Paris for two weeks
    Feb- NYC a trip home to see my family
    April or May- Las Vegas as a birthday/graduation gift
    Summer- Morocco, Eygpt, Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, and Italy as a graduation gift from my family which is still in the planning stage :yahoo:
    December/Jan-Thailand hopefully :biggrin:
  10. Jan. I went to DC
    March or April - Trinidad
    June- Cruise
    July or Aug- Spain. grenada.
    Aug 1. Canada for caribana.
    Oct. Miami Carnival

    Yea.... I am going to be broke!
  11. NOLA
    Maybe Mexico and maybe NYC or Vegas
  12. in july i'll be going to myrtle beach sc to get married and for our honeymoon,other than that doubt i go anywhere else this year.
  13. I want to go on a cruise during the off-season to get good rates. I heard they can be as cheap as $300 all-inclusive! So tempting!
  14. Dallas, TX (visiting a friend that just moved there recently... not sure when, most like May)
    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in mid-November (currently trying to organize with a group of friends, and nothing is finalized yet!)

    can't travel much this year because we are planning a month-long trip to Japan/Korea/HK in the spring of 2011. :smile:
  15. Planned so Far:

    March--Savannah, GA, then Sarasota, FL to visit DH's grandfather and a little beach time, then Orlando from there for a pet trade show (for work).

    May--European vacation! :yahoo: My first time in Europe (I've only been to Ireland as far as overseas)--we're starting in Nuremberg, Germany (4 nights) as there's the world's biggest pet trade show there--so that'll be a little work--but at least we can expense the flights! From there we're going to Amsterdam for 4 nights--then to Bruges, Belgium for 2 nights--then to Mont st Michel, France for 2 nights--then Paris for 4 nights :woohoo: --then Strasbourg, france for 2 nights!

    That's all that I know of for this year so far