Where Are Bal. Access? (not Wallets)

  1. guys, i need educated!!!! i love bal. accessories, but where are they??

    I have a bal. wallet and makeup clutch, but what else is there and where are they sold???

    thanks julie
  2. I'd love to have a wallet and makeup clutch, but don't know where to find those!
  3. Oh my, if you find out let me know! I think stores have definitely cut back on the number of accessories they've been ordering recently so they're really hard to find!
  4. The makeup clutch and wallet are available at Bal. NY and they are gorgeous!!! (my pics of the clutch aren't working, but posted my wallet several weeks ago) I got both in camel and LOVE THEM!

    The wallet is nice, but the makeup clutch is BEAUTIFUL. if you email kim at bal ny she will send pics.


    Thanks Julie:yes:
  5. i have a planet and a coin purse and even though they are very pretty, i do have to admit that they aren't practical...
  6. Today I just used my Rouge makeup case instead of my purse and I put my license and credit cards in the coin purse and put that in the clutch with my cell and other stuff and I was out the door. LOVE the makeup case/clutch. I will probably never use if for makeup though. Dying for a Magenta one. ~sigh~
  7. I've been trying to hunt down a Planet aka Boobie but got nada:crybaby:

    Is there something that looks similar like those pods on Atelier Naff's site a while ago?
  8. I use my lilac '04 clutch for my make-up! It's so huge and I love it! However it is discontinued!

    I have an '06 black clutch and I use it for cards, receipts and I love it too!

    I bet the carmel wallet and clutch are amazing!!!!!!!! I love the camel. I wish you could post pictures! Try again or maybe someone can offer help? I can try if you email a pic to me but I am not the best with computers!

    Anyway, I saw a toilet case- a HUGE one at Gretta Luxe in Wellsley MA about 2 months ago. If I remember correctly the price was $575.00. It was soooo big- I think it would be too big to put in a bag though. It was a black one.
  9. I am going to Las Vegas next month (Rolling Stones tickets -- yay!). When I'm playing poker or blackjack I like a small bag that fits under the table on my lap. I think a clutch would be great. I'm on the hunt, girls!
  10. [​IMG]trying to post pics of coin purse and makeup available at bal ny in camel. let me know if u can open........julie
  11. 0922061955.jpg


    tell me if you can see these???? julie
  12. o.k., that is the best i can do, but i hope you can see how gorgeous they are!!!julie
  13. YAY! You did it Julie!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous! I'm in love with them!!!:love: Thanks for posting!
  14. !CID__1006061543a.jpg l
    last one, hope its a little better of the clutch, the pics from bal ny would not post.julie
  15. I bought my toilet case at Theresa here in Munich but it was at the beginning of the season and they're all long gone and they won't get any more of them. But I'd try Bal NY.