When Word Censors Get Feisty.

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  2. Thanks for pointing it out. That word was a real ****.
  3. ok, I'm a idiot. Tell me what I'm looking for in that article?
  4. Your not looking for anything in the article. It was in the hyperlink that the stars appeared in place of some of the letters, like so: marke****ch

    You can still see the Word Censor error in this post: http://forum.purseblog.com/money-talks/facebook-ipo-749378-5.html#post21931263

    I've seen numerous other examples of the same type of thing where some letters get ***'d out of completely innocuous words.
  5. Thanks it was driving me crazy. As you can see it doesn't take much.
  6. There is a member whose name always gets stars in the middle whenever she is quoted, although her name shows up fine when she posts.

  7. Can you point out which user please?
  8. ku****afuto

    I imagine there are others with that same combination of letters.
  9. I think this should be fixed now. Thanks!
  10. I see quite a few others in both ***s and links. I saw where some one had posted the letters N M together meaning 'nevermind' and it turned into a link for you-know-who.