When H and love are not enough.....

  1. I know that I am a very lucky girl. I have a beautiful dd and a loving dh. I managed to find some lovely H pieces this year including a framboise kelly from dh. And yet......my heart feels empty after yet another miscarriage yesterday. I guess there are times when love and h are not enough. I would rather trade everything for another baby:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:. It's really no fun being an expat in a country that doesn't speak your language. None of my family is in town and all my friends in Japan has left to spend the holidays with their family back home.

    Help..............please send me some good vibes for the new year! Presenting 20cm mini rouge vif box kelly GH, 28cm natural barenia kelly PH and a pair of etoupe baby shoes still waiting for its new owner.
    IMG_1199.jpg IMG_1201.jpg IMG_1196.jpg baby shoes.jpg
  2. MANY MANY HUGS...truly this should make us realize what is most important this season. I had a friend go through two miscarriages this year, and it never got easier - it was heartbreaking for us to sit there and not be able to do anything to help fix it. But know that our bodies know things that we often do not - and that your precious little one is somewhere much safer than they may have been in the world.
  3. LTC, hugs and more hugs to you. you are one of the sweetest members here on the forum. i'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. i'm definitely sending you my best wishes for the new year, including a healthy baby to fill those adorable h shoes.
  4. I am so sorry! LTC!! please hang in there and take care of yourself! your baby will come!!!!

    *lots of good vibes for you*
  5. This picture breaks my heart. Count all your blessings and appreciate all you have (DH and DD) and I am sure another little one will come when you least expect it... major hugs to you.
  6. Thanks Candace. You're really kind. I know that if there is a problem, it's better to let the babies go. Nevertheless, it is difficult. I just kept thinking about my three unborn babies - my twin girls plus one other baby somewhere in heaven.
  7. oh, i'm sorry to hear about it...i'll pray that good things comes ur way soon, very soon!!
  8. My thoughts are with you LTC & I am sending you the biggest cyber hugs possible. I shall put a little prayer for you and your family in our prayer jar....it will be spinning blessings out to the universe for you and all of your loved ones. :heart: hNe
  9. LTC - how your heart must hurt not to have your three babies to love and hold with your other DD. Instead you must have three guardian angels to watch over you and care for you and your family. you will be blessed with a born baby when the time is right and I just want you to hold onto hope and use the hard times to realize that good ones will follow.
  10. LTC,

    You will be in my thoughts tonight and forever onwards. I can't make it better, but I'll help share your pain...
  11. LTC, I feel your pain. Stay strong and be positive, 2008 will be a better year. There are many things to look forward to - DH, DD and those beautiful H collection of yours. Please rest well and recharge your health. You're in my prayers. :heart: :heart:

    p/s. love the Black Box GH Birkin :love:
  12. LTC- I am truly so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you right now. (((HUGS)))
  13. LTC, I'm very sorry to hear this news from you. My thoughts are with you and I wish you loads of energy and lots of love and hugs to look forward to a new year. I hope from all my :heart: that 2008 will be a good year for you. :love:
  14. So sorry for your heartache...give your DD and DH a big hug and kiss. On top of the miscarriage, I think you are having a case of the holiday blues. I wish I could send a magic cure over to you, but I'm afraid it is just tincture of time that will help you. Please try to feel better and know that everyone here is sending their warm wishes to you and your family,:heart:
  15. Bless your heart. I am so sorry for your families loss. I have had 9 miscarriages, and I understand the hurt you are feeling right now.

    You are both in my thoughts and prayers that you will soon be blessed with a baby that will heal the hole in your heart.

    I can share with you this: after those nine heartbreaking losses, the daughter that was finally born to me was like a salve on my wounded soul. She was worth every painful moment, every shed tear, every moment spent in the dark, wondering if I would ever hold a baby in my arms.

    It will happen. I won't tell you that your losses were for the best, or Gods will. I will tell you, however, that when you are blessed with another sweet baby...well, you'll realize that this is the baby you were meant to have.

    Meanwhile, bond closely with your husband, for this is also his loss; his child. Revel in the everyday events with your daughter.

    Your blessing will come.