When does eLuxury.com replenish its supplies?

  1. I have been looking at the ELux site over a course of time doing some research on next LV purchases but it appears that their stock is getting lower and lower. My assumption is that the holiday season really wiped them out, but I am curious if:

    1) eLux carries all the Louis Vuitton pieces or only a selection?

    2) How often do they update their listings as I am clicking on items from a week ago that still say out of stock (and I have refreshed and recached, to make sure that I am not looking at saved pages).

    I just find it a bit frustrating that as the only authorized outlet for LV, they aren't keeping their stock fresh.

    Maybe I am being too hard on them....maybe I am just being grumpy. I think my blood sugar is low and I need to eat :popcorn:
  2. what about 1-866-Vuitton and have them locate that piece for you?
  3. Yes, I see the same thing...:yes:
  4. True but I always like using the web site to give me a price range so I can butter up a certain wonderful boyfriend. I always feel a bit stupid calling up the 866 number, asking if they have something and then asking the price to see if I can afford it.

    But you are right -- but I think this means only one thing -- more trips to the LV store for research (may be dangerous but its a chance I will take!)
  5. I know exactly what you are talking about. I was looking for the Nolita a month ago and as I was going through my week long debate :girlsigh: I noticed it kept popping up and then later on it would be removed from the site. They had it in the Houston store, 45 minutes from me, but ordering through E-Luxury allowed me to save about $150 in taxes!:choochoo: I do know on the LV site under their catalog they carry a whole lot more than E-Luxury. Which is odd since LV owns Eluxury?!:shrugs:
  6. Sometimes I hate living in CA -- damn taxes on mail order items. I think about all the stuff I order and all the taxes I have paid......just reminds me of all the bags/accessories I could have bought :hysteric:
  7. I'm with ya!! I'm telling you, if I had to do all my shopping in stores, it would become a months-long war. With e-stores I can always put two browsers side by side and do/think whatever I have to. Plus elux + ****** + no tax is just un-beatable.

    Nah, calling them up and ask for the price won't make you look stupid. It may *sound* stupid and that's about it, they don't know you :p
  8. I notice that they replenished their stock around midnight-ish when I was trying to buy my Mini Lin Speedy.

    I hope this helps!
  9. mcmug17 what are e-bates? How do they work with e-luxury? OMG have I been missing out?!?!:wtf:
  10. hmmm. do they get the bags mailed in to them...? or something...?
    or do they just get it from lv?
  11. If you go sign up at ******.com, click the eluxury.com link on their page and you'll get 4% back on your purchases. They have tons of other merchants on there. I'm getting a ton back from Christmas shopping! :smile:
  12. HOLY CRAPOLA! :noggin: I had no idea! Thanks iluvbags123!
  13. ******.com will give you a % of your money back when you shop at eluxury. I haven't used them in a while, but I think it's 3% back. All you need to do is register at ******.com, then click on eluxury.com through the ****** website. It opens a "ticket" that will give you money back once you complete your transaction. It's awesome and legit! :wlae:
  14. Actually, I called elux last week about a bag not being in stock and the rep told me that is customers have bags etc. in the shopping carts, its takes it away from the online stock. The rep said that the items only stay in the carts for 20 min but I don't know about that since I had a bag in my cart for 6mths :wtf: (I didn't realize it was still in there). Once the customer takes the bag out of their carts, its goes back into elux's online inventory.
  15. I used luckymagrewards.com but it takes SO long for your money to show up in your account, you don't get tracking tickets to really "prove" you went through them, etc. ****** seems to post the money so much faster and their percentage back seems to be a lot more in a lot of places. I sometimes forget about checking to see if I got any money back but ****** is really good!