What's your favorite Michele watch?

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  1. Hello!
    I am a big fan of Michele watches, and I know there are many of you on TPF who love them as well. I was just curious for those of you that do own Michele's, what's your favorite one and why? I think my favorite is my Diamond Deco. I posted my collection below. I recently got rid of my CSX and now I am really regretting it and thinking of buying another one! I tried the Jetway and liked it because it is larger:38MM, but found it to be difficult to read the time. I also tried the Caber and like that one as well, but I really miss my CSX:sad: The worst thing is my CSX had a gorgeous MOP face with a lot of pinks and greens in the MOP and I am afraid I wont find another one as nice. I could kick myself for getting rid of it!! I heard they are coming out with a new version of the CSX with diamonds straight around the face rather than going over the sides as it is now. For those of you with Caber, do you love it? There are a couple of trunk shows coming to my area soon so i will have to check and see what's new. Thanks for your input!

  2. I'm a big Michele fan, also. I recently got my first one, a csx day diamond. My MOP face is not all that colorful, but I love it anyway. So, my vote would be for the csx day diamond. I love the shape of the Deco. That just might be my next one!
  3. My favorite is the Coquette but I am not huge on the encrusted diamonds so I don't own one. I had a Mini Deco with a double tour band but it was made for a small child I think, as the band was easily 1 inch too short for an adult woman.
  4. :heart: my urban mini!! I have a small wrist and love the look of a larger face watch.
  5. I have a stainless steel Deco with diamond number markers. It has a stainless bracelet, and a MOP dial. I like it very much. I also have a Sport Sail on order with diamonds, a white MOP dial, and a red leather band.

    BTW, I was at Costco today and they had 5 or 6 Michele watches, including the Deco diamond model that sassc has.
  6. So far I am loving the mini urban. I originally bought it in the white face, but I also purchase the black face when it was on sale.

  7. Sorry for steering off topic but is there a picture of the rumored new version CSX?
  8. Awww, Michele watches are SO addictive! I was looking at them for a long time, never really understanding what was all the rave about, until I finally got my first 36mm CSX, I guess I got a special one, just like yours was, sassc, because mine's MOP is uneven, just like the real shell!! I can't help staring at it every time I wear it! I purchased Sport Sail shortly after, but ended up returning it, as it was too bulky on my wrist (5.5), although its one gorgeous watch!! I just bought a Deco Safari Zebra a couple weeks ago (love it!) and now looking for Urban Mini Diamond - like I said, it's a pure addiciton. Love your collection, sassc, ITA with you about MOP dials, I am a big fan of colorful MOPs and know exactly what you mean! My observation is that plain stainless steel CSXs usually have more colorful MOP face and diamond CSXs usually come with 'white' MOP face, go figure! Good luck in finding your CSX's twin! :P
  9. Hi, I was at Nordies and they showed me the Michele lookbook with the picture. Its called the CSX 360. I havent seen it anywhere online just yet. From the picture it had the diamonds more like a bezel set around the dial (similar to the jetway) also it had some kind of lines as a background on the face. I am not sure if the face is mother of pearl or not. I think I like the original CSX 36 better just from the pictures.
  10. Thank you liuiyinn, I ended up getting a new CSX, although the new one is just not quite as beautiful as the old one but I still really like it. I didnt realize how much I loved it until it was gone. Please post pictures of your Michele's they sound lovely!
  11. OK, sassc, sorry for the delay, here are my 2 Michele watches! Was desperately trying to capture uneven pearl dial on CSX, hope you can see it especially between 4 and 5 marks!! :biggrin:

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  12. And here is some more! Enjoy! :biggrin:

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  13. These are gorgy! I love that zebra deco, what a fun watch! They look really good:woohoo: on your wrist. Thanks so much for sharing!:woohoo:
  14. I have a mini cadet and a petite coquette with a baby blue enamel face. I really love both, but I wear the cadet more often.
  15. I have been eyeing a Michele watch for Christmas but I can't decide which style I like best... I'm between a Stainless Steel CSX Bracelet Watch and the Stainless Steel Deco Watch!!