What's your favorite Michele watch?

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  1. Thanks so much, sassc!! I love both too! I am onto Mini Urban Diamond now - wish me luck! LOL :P
  2. wow, what a wonderful collection you have!! I have the Caber Park and quite like it but my favorite is the Serein :smile:
  3. I recently bought the two-tone Michele Serein and totally love it. But I did not have it sized cause I felt guilty for spending so much money. My daughter might need braces on her teeth and the almost $2,000 cost of the watch would pay for a large chunk of the braces. Getting 2 opinions from orthodontists. But might find a way to keep watch even if she does need braces. Just won't buy any new Spring clothing!
  4. I have the mini urban with diamonds around the face and I just love it. I get tons of compliments on it as well.
  5. good news! Orthodontist says DD should wait a year for braces. Looks like I can keep my serein watch! Maybe I'll get it sized on Wednesday!
  6. I have a Tahitian jellybean (the discontinued version), mini deco, and diamond urban mini. My favorite is the diamond urban mini!! Absolutely gorgeous and can be dressed up or down!
  7. You're too funny! I love mine - and get lots of compliments on it, I;m sure yuo will love it too. I wear mine a little loose.
  8. Forgot to mention I like the alligator bands the best for the Serein.
  9. You can always save some $ by buying one from Amazon. Certified Watch Store or Jomashop are both good to buy from on Amazon.
  10. Ladies, I am toying with selling my deco diamond to get the deco diamond with the diamond markers. But my MOP face is so pretty - do any of you have the style with the diamonds around the bezel and also the diamond markers? Do the diamonds on the markers make a big difference? Do you still see the pretty MOP face colors?
  11. I love the Deco Diamond watches! Michele watches are all beautiful. Its one of my favorite brands for watches.
  12. My favorite all time Michele watch is the the old style Urban, with stainless band and diamonds on the bezel. I really like the CSX pictures posted I prefer the no diamonds of the face. My friend at work has had her csx and worn it everyday for 7 years and it still looks new. I love Michele watches. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Here's my new favorite - Glamour Deco Diamond!

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  14. I'm in the minority here, but I love the Sport Sail. I have two, white dial and black dial both 42 mm with no diamonds. I'm not very flashy and lean more casual in dress so this style is pretty perfect for me.

  15. Can you share a pic of the your Sport Sail on your wrist, please? I'm torn between the white and black dial and would to see them on another women's wrist. I can't find pics anywhere! Thank you!