What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

  1. it's a tie between the blender for smoothies and my crockpot.
  2. My apples/potatoes peeler!:biggrin:!
  3. Ahh my sister has the same one... it's excellent!! :tup:

    My favorite gadget is this teensy tiny grater that's only ~2" tall. It's perfect for grating whole nutmeg, which I am obsessed with! :biggrin:

    I also like my microplane zester a lot, too!
  4. umm probably a cross between the stove and the microwave cause those are the places where i cook most of my meals when i eat at home.
  5. Rice cooker
  6. Probably first off my kitchen shears, I use them several times a day....so much easier than a knife for so many things.

    A close second would be my crepe maker...it is super easy and fast and everyone loves them, and they are so light and yummy and I can make a batch of 24-30 in about a half hour (they refrigerate well).
  7. Kitchenaid stand mixer
    Global G4 oriental chef's knife
    Oxo wire cheese slicer
  8. I really love my Blender! Make some really good shakes with it.
  9. Not sure this qualifies as a gadget but would have to be my wood chopping board - I just changed recently and it is so much more comfortable using than my previous plastic one.
    As for appliances, it would have to be my pressure cooker - I use it for everything.
  10. definitely good shears and a garlic press!!!
  11. mini kitchen aid food processor. makes chopping onion & garlic a breeze :smile:
  12. recently it's been my apple slicer/corer, my micro-plane (been grating a lot of parmesan) this rubber thingie that was made for taking the peels off of garlic, but i re-purposed it to open jars. :smile:
  13. My George Foreman grill, definitely.
  14. Tie between my crock pot and George Foreman grill. Couldn't live without either.
  15. My magic bullet It's so easy to make smoothies and small batches of pesto for pasta. In second place would have to be the microwave! I would die without one.