What's your dream house?

  1. If I could live in any house in the world, I'd love to live in an English manor. I love the idea of living in the countryside, and yet it's close to downtown London so I could go there any time I wanted.

    I LOVE these two:

    I love the shape of this one: like a big E. (Where I went to school, one of the buildings was an exact copy of a mansion in Surrey.)

    I love the shape, I love the fact that it's big but it's not opulent.
  2. The first one looks similar a building on my Campus.

    For houses, I like these two:


  3. I went to Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, and my first house looked really similar to Wakehurst. (Ideally, I want Wakehurst, but it's a school building.)
  4. Rhode Island has some beautiful homes. :heart:
  5. You ever been to any of the mansions? My favorites were Belcourt Castle and The Breakers!

    And going through any of those mansions, I couldn't help but be amazed at the fact that before lightbulbs, servants had to go through all those rooms and light all those candles! And then they had to make sure they were all extinguished!

    (I want to get married at Ochre Court, by the way!)
  6. honestly? i'd LOVE to buy the house i grew up in.


    it's not fancy but it was home for 20 years. and it's by the beach. can't beat that. :smile:

    maybe someday.
  7. I love this home, which is in Pacific Heights and has a breathtaking view of the bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge. It also has a ballroom, for the occasional ball, should I choose to throw one. Price: $22,800,000.

    I also love this house, which is right at the Marina green and across the street from The Palace of Fine arts. At $6,000,000, it is a bargain compared to the mansion above:
  8. OK, in my wildest dreams, it is this one:
    castle4sale.jpg castle4sale2.jpg castle4sale3.jpg
  9. To me nothing beats a gorgeous brownstone in NYC!
  10. But in reality, I would love to build a strawbale house
    1925nebraskastrawbalehouse.gif kruggel-exteriorstrawbalehouse.jpg arizonastrawbalehouse.jpg
  11. About three years ago, I went to see the mansions. They're just fab! :love: It's funny you say you want to get married at a mansion. I do, too. It's not in Rhode Island, though. I wanted to get married in Oak Alley. My fave movie was shot there.


  12. I love the look of old-fashion houses, especially some of the old plantations or victorian houses. I also like brick houses.
    00045453.jpg pag8602a.jpg victorian-house.jpg
  13. just something by the beach. would love to wake up each morning with the sound of waves.
  14. i would love to live in a beach house, with floors from wood parquette.
  15. Actually I am the owner of my dream home: it is a wonderful loft , 3500sq. in Montreal downtown.
    However my life is so crazy :I am living now in Shanghai for a while