What's your 2016 Wishlist?

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  1. I would like a Cartier Love bracelet I don't own any yet.
  2. white gold love wedding band
    white gold love bracelet
  3. circle of love necklace pave diamond
  4. Cartier love ring + trinity

    Cartier orchids necklace and. Panther ring. I'm back on an Lv kick so won't be working on this list for a while.
  5. Cartier trinity gold classic size ring
  6. Yg in 4 diamonds. A plain yg JUC. Id need to win lotto and dream to get these lol
  7. JUC with diamonds.
  8. Love bracelet in rose gold with 4 diamonds 🙏
  9. YG love bracelet with 4 diamonds... My husband has already bought it but won't put it on my wrist until Christmas Day!! ... He locked it in his safe!! .... I am sooooo excited... This is my first Love!!
  10. Just the nail YG and YG Love Cuff.
  11. gahh i was sooo close to getting the matching love ring to my bangle! but my partner thought it looked too plain so he went to tiffanys. very lucky to be treated to a nice gift this christmas but would have loved the cartier band! hopefully next year!
  12. Sooo lucky cant wait to see pix
  13. I'm currently hesitating on buying a JUC white gold with diamonds, do some of you have it? I'm hesitating...

  14. Rainbow love bracelet
    Cartier Trinity Ring with Pink Sapphire
    Cartier Rose Gold JUC
  15. Trinity ring in white gold and black ceramic and YG love ring (probably in the wedding band size so I can stack it with other rings)
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