What's your 2016 Wishlist?

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  1. So what do you wish to buy or receive from Cartier in 2016?

    For me:

    - C DE diamond necklace in RG.
    - Love ring pave ring in RG/WG.
    - Amulette De Cartier ring (pink opal), I'm not loving the XS size on me, so I really hope they make it in SM size.
  2. YG JUC bangle or
    YG JUC ring
  3. YG love bracelet and legere necklace. I think that's what it's called. Cartiers version of DBTY.
  4. It's not going to happen most likely next year but my wish list is:
    VCA rose gold sweets earrings
    malachite magic alhambra pendant or last years holiday pendant
    Cartier love ring x trinity ring
  5. I bet it will not happen in a million years but I really want a YG diamond pave Love bracelet with a matching ring. Something somewhat more achievable is a JUC in plain YG or YG with the diamond tips. Also a Tank Solo XL.
  6. This beauty of a clock in sterling and lapis...still deciding between this and a JLC ATMOS clock.

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  7. A plain rose gold Love to go with my rainbow :cloud9:
  8. Beautiful! Can I ask the price point on that?
  9. 27,800$ cad

  10. I just googled JLC ATMOS, my father bought one in the late 70s or maybe 80s, way before I was born and was always displayed in our hallway, when they moved house my mum wanted to get rid of it, She said she always hated it Lol! So I took it, love it to bits, but the dial is square , not round, maybe they've stopped making it in square dials now,
  11. Like this one? http://www.jaeger-lecoultre.com/SE/en/watches/atmos-classique-phases-de-lune/5117201#/t1
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  13. It's a great piece of historic value. I love it!
  14. Just a rose gold love ring, to complete my collection, which I most likely will get for Christmas.
  15. White gold Love cuff so I can stack with my yellow gold full bracelet when ever I want.
    Hopefully for my birthday, which is when I got my yg love this past year :smile:
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