Whats the worst thing that has happend to your LV

  1. So what is the worst "ohhhh noooo" moment you have had with your LV bag? Mine was with my cherry speedy 25. I was eating at johnny carinos and I dipped my bread in some olive oil and I forgot my purse was on my lap and oilve oil spilled on the leather tab. It has a huge stain there now and it would not come out :sad:. My kids also spilled salsa on my new (preloved) tivoli pm but luckily I was able to wipe most of it off. SO what about yall?
  2. My most devastating is a scrape on my speedy 30 damier ebene. You can't see it from afar, but you can see it visibly if you look for it. The canvas got scraped, so you can see brown where the scrape was. :sad: I found the scrape randomly when I was examining my it several months ago. I don't even remember where/when it had happened... BUT it probably happened from a Costco shopping cart....

    Oh well, at least I know that no one can ever switch out my speedy with a fake one. :smile: I still love it and nothing's wrong with it other than the scrape... gives it character I guess!
  3. Fingers crossed - nothing massive - my artsy was 2 months old and l got caught in a massive downpour of rain - l wrapped a muslim wrap around the handles to protect it, it worked but l must have looked so silly running along Melbourne with a muslim wrap covered in blue teddy bears around the handle of my bag
  4. My son chewed on my Mon Mono Speedy's zipper pull. At first I thought it was horrible and was ready to march myself down to the nearest boutique to have it replaced. Now I think it will serve as a cute memory and I have plans to give it to his future wife (he's only 4 ).
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  5. My Galliera met an ink pen. The ink pen was not friendly. Then Galliera met shout cleaning wipes and water and dawn for 2 hours.
    She had a long day that day.
    She will never know any other pens. Ever. No matter how cute or in cases.
  6. Went to Hong Kong for the first time and braved their MTR (Mass Transit Railway). As I stepped into one of the cars the strap of my Mono Hudson GM got caught in an elderly gentleman's umbrella handle as he was stepping out. By the time I figured out what was tugging at my bag (I thought someone was stealing it!), the doors were closing! The gent was wriggling my strap free from the outside and I was pulling from the inside. As it was crowded, I was trying my best to pull my strap back in. Needless to say, it was stuck until the next MTR stop....and when the doors opened, my poor stretched and cracked strap fell onto my hands.

    That was quite a few years ago already and it's still really clear in my head. Shudder.:shucks:
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  7. Gold Miroir Alma went skiing across the concrete floor on its 1st trip out because I took a tumble in my Lubu's I didnt care about my louboutins watching my bag on the other hand was painful ..luckily it stayed on its studs and it only grazed them abit phew:sweatdrop: needless to say my heart skipped several beats!
  8. Thats an adorable story :smile:
  9. pen mark and lipstick on the interior of my bag ... :sad:
  10. Some little kid kicked my speedy off the bleachers on to the ground.
  11. my son laying a wet towel on my tivoli gm strap. i nearly had a heart attack but the water dried up and there no stain. thank god i pre-treated.

    awww what a cute idea. i can't even stomach the idea of my boys having g/f :lol:
  12. When my azur stresa was BRAND new, I took it out for a shopping day. First, my son sneezed on the vachetta flap and strap, leaving a big stain, and then a little later the woman at Sam's handed me a sample of creamy tomato soup in a napkin, and when I took it it flew into the air and landed upside down all over stresa. It looked like she was dipped in soup.
    Fortunately we were in a store that sells baby wipes in bulk, and I was able to rescue her. Got all of the soup off, (it didn't get on the flap, thank god!) but there's still a sneeze stain on it. lol

    This is what it looked like after just the sneeze. I took a pic with my phone..it's faded a lot, but needless to say, I was sobbing! I didn't bother taking a picture after the soup, at that point, I just gave up..hahaha.
  13. Ack! This made my heart beat faster!! So glad that it came off!! :biggrin:
  14. I haven't had anything happen to me. But about two weeks ago, I was at a restaurant with my family. There was a woman sitting at a table across from us and she had a LV galliera on her lap. When the waitress had bought out their drinks, she spilled sprite on the bag (accident). My sister and I just starred is awe. The waitress probably didn't know the damage of what she had done and the woman just said quietly to herself "oh, this is an expensive bag." If I was in her shoes, I wouldn't have let that go so easily.
  15. My DD threw up inside my Speedy when she was 14 months old. She's 7yrs old now and upon seeing my bag you'd never know it happened. I baby wiped the heck out of it and it's fine. She got hold of it while I was driving. She was rear faced so I didn't notice that she had my bag.
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