What's the Worst Movie you've ever seen???

  1. I took this idea from "What's the Worst Book You've ever read" and i thought you might have worst movies too....

    Mine are
    The Exorcism of Emily Rose
    (where was the exorcism??)
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Resident Evil
    (i hate zombie movies)
    The Matrix
    (with Halle Berry...so corny...)
    Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (not at all funny)
    Black Snake Moan

  2. Striptease with demi moore, I watched it last night it was terrible.
  3. Cloverfield.:nuts:
  4. Carol, thanks for starting this, I was thinking about all the bad movies, too!

    Mine: Moonstruck. Couldn't even finish it.
    Lord of the Rings. Had to see what all the fuss was about. I have problems with stupid characters, and when they have to do stupid things to move the plot along. The scene where they were walking down that big staircase -- two of the people were important, so by all means, let's let them go last.

    Talledega Nights. Just stupid, and not in a funny way.
  5. Good luck chuck-Horrible movie. Dane Cook is the worst actor in the world
    Citizen Kane-Awful and boring. I either fall asleep or get bored and turn it off. I can't believe some people think this is the greatest movie of all time!:tdown:

    The Hulk
  6. Only to you my fellow tPFers will I ever admit to seeing these less than stellar Hollywood outputs, but since you asked :smile:

    The Pest (circa 1997. OMG, if only I could get back those two hours of my life!)
    Miami Vice
    Master of Disguise
  7. The Grudge. I was so enraged I seriously considered asking them for my money back.
  8. Here's my short list:

    Cry Wolf
    House of Wax
    The Weather Man
  9. Epic Movie...we had to walk out.
  10. Tenacious D. My DH and I love Jack Black and thought this would be a fun movie to watch with his 3 teenage boys, but after the F-bomb was dropped approximately 150 times in the first 20 minutes we ejected it from the DVD player and back to Netflix it went.

    Dragon Wars
    Bridge to Teribithia
    Brotherhood of the Wolf
    Epic Movie
  11. Moulin Rouge...my husband and I went to the movie theatre for this one and, after about 45 minutes, we couldn't take it anymore and walked out. Funny things was, about 6 other couples followed our lead. It was so bad we were laughing so hard outside the theatre that I was in tears (which really made it money well spent as that was the hardest I had laughed in a long time!!!)
  12. Willard
    The Hulk (I fell asleep!)
    Godzilla 2000
  13. Have you seen School of Rock? That might be more of a teenager safe movie.
  14. Pink Flamingoes. :wtf::yucky::s:shocked:

    Freaked me out so much I had to stop it.
    The chicken part was disturbing.

    And then, because apparantly I have an extremely morbid curiosity, I read what happens in the movie in Wikipedia, and I praise God every day that I didn't watch that all the way through.

    I love John Waters, but I think I'll stick to Hairspray and Cry Baby, thanks.
  15. Bring It On 2. Worst movie ever.

    From Justin to Kelly

    & I just saw Here on Earth today (w/Josh Hartnett, Chris Klein, and LeeLee Sobieski)...that just downright pissed me off. lol.