Whats the right accent?

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  1. I have looked and tried to find the right answer to this question but I cannot seem to find it.

    Can somebody help me? I am an H newbie and I am doing my research regarding Birkins :smile:

    What is the right angle of the accent above the E in hermes? :smile: I read an article in ebay that it should be parallel not angled but I also saw some authenticated birkins with angled accents...

    what should the right one be? :smile: angled or parallel?
  2. Hermès (^(oo)^)

    also known as an accent grave
  3. some additional info, just for fun:

    the accent has a big impact on pronunciation - "Hermes" (no accent) would make the "es" portion of the word silent; "Hermés" (accent aigu) would make the "s" silent (^(oo)^)v
  4. Thanks lvpiggy for your pronunciation tip! Your french is very good :smile:

  5. :woohoo::smartass: you are the top of the class lvpiggy
  6. On a completly different note does anyone else feel stupid pronouncing Hermes with a french accent when say your native accent is not french (in my case British??)
  7. A la Angela Rippon?

    Might have to take to calling Paris, Par-wree!
  8. Yes, totally!!! Not only in British context, but in my mothertongue too - so I just pronounce it as the Greeks would (except in French territory :biggrin:).
  9. mudmud, papertiger - thanks! :peace:

    syma - i actually don't find it strange at all to pronounce it the French way . . . the way i see it, Hermès is the founder's last name, and i always pronounce peoples' last names the way they pronounce them, which is usually somewhat close to the way it sounds in their native language, at least in my experience . . . . of course, i could also just be delusional, it's been known to happen occasionally . . . tehe (^(oo)^)v
  10. I pronounce it as Er-Mayz... How do you guys say it where you are?
  11. "Air-Mezz". I say it like how I hear it on the music that plays when I call the store :biggrin:
  12. There are some times when I feel like Hermes should be considered it's own language - Mostly french, with a touch of Tohu Bohu.
  13. I don't think the OP is referring to pronunciation, but to the angle of the engraved mark on the stamping.
  14. I just checked a bunch of my things...Technically, the accent should be going from the upper left to the lower right. I do agree on some of the stamps on leather especially, it does seem to be more parallel...but that is more on leathers than on silks. I'm not sure this is helpful. It's too hard to discern sometimes if the accent is just plain flat.