What's the most you've spent on jeans?

  1. I have been looking for a good pair of black jeans for ages. You see, it's very difficult to find jeans that fit my body shape. I finally figured out that in order to look good in jeans, I have to get low-rise jeans with straight legs and the legs must be LONG legs. That means skinny jeans will never work on me. Unfortunately, even then it depends on the cut of the jeans. After years of searching, I found that the low-rise jeans at MNG by Mango and Zara are the ones that look good on me. Then, they phased those out and brought in the skinny jeans, which did not work for me.

    Last Saturday, I went to Saks at Beverly Hills and tried on a pair of black jeans, thinking that it would never work. Surprisingly enough, it actually looked good on me. The best part is that the jeans were soft and stretch very well. It was rare that I found jeans that looked good on me and had the right length (this pair of jeans is LONG!), not to mention that this was in my desired shade of black. And then, I saw the price tag - $228~!!!!:wtf:

    Well, I bought the jeans but can't help but feel guilty about it. I mean, I never thought jeans could cost that much. What's the most you've ever spent on jeans?

    Btw, the brand of jeans I bought is called something like People's Liberation? No clue ...
  2. ^^ designer jeans do cost 200+ these days... try looking for coupon codes on the internet, eBay, or discount stores like Nordstrom rack. I think the most I ever spent was about 250 on some sevens but most of my jeans are bought on discount.
  3. I spent 160 uk pounds on skinny sevens. They fit amazingly well, and last for ever so worth every penny.
  4. I spent $215 on a pair of Antik Denim jeans. I loved them and wore the hell out of them -- now they just sit in my closet having now been replaced by my Versace Jeans in Grey-Black that I surprisingly got only for $65!
  5. I try not to spend too much on clothes inc. jeans so I think the most I've spent on jeans would be somewhere around the $100 mark. However the best deal I've got on some designer jeans would be my See by Chloe jeans down from $395 and I only paid $28 for it :nuts: (Thank goodness for vouchers and further discounts :idea: ).

    I do agree with Ally that good designers jeans will cost you around the $200+ mark unless there are sales.
  6. 206 USD on some Diesel jeans. Worth every penny!
  7. I only buy Rock & Republics (they seem to be the only ones that make a long enough inseam) and they're usually between $260-290 depending on the style.
  8. Yeah and when they go on sale only the not nice ones are left......
    I tried on Marc Jacobs & Notify down from 230 to 80 $ bad bad bad......color, cut
  9. 200 on some RR. I try to by most of my jeans on discount at places like off saks or Neimans last call.
  10. About $700 in D&G Jeans. Also, Roberto Cavalli has that same price tag (about $700). So that is the most I have spent on Jeans
  11. i usually buy designer jeans at a discount as well. i think the most i've paid was $132 for some rock & republics.
  12. I think around $450 for d&g jeans.

    I think you should get them kou! they'll last you a lifetime and they're exactly what you're looking for, go for it!
  13. I wait for sales at Macy's especially friends and family to buy seven jeans. I love seven jeans especially the A pocket. IF there's sales I usually spend around $100-150 on a pair of seven jeans. If it's not on sale, it usually cost around $150-220.
  14. I think it was the last time I spent $170 on a pair of Paige denim.
  15. Yeah good jeans tend to cost about $200 +. I can't really remember but I think R&R was the most expensive jeans I brought so far. I do have Sevens, Joes, James, Kasil, Paige and Hudson also.