Whats The Deal With Charlotte ? She Has Banned BF From Talking To Other Women

  1. Besides a bad hair day.


    The 20-year-old singer turned chat show host was at the Cardiff house for a family birthday party. She turned up barefoot, in a green vest top and jeans, with a pet dog in each hand and was helpless when the wind whipped up her hair on the doorstep of the house. Her Friday night show has come under criticism for bad language from hundreds of thousands of viewers since it was first screened on September 1.
  2. Please people don't kill me for saying this but...for being so young she seems too heavy.:Push:
  3. That may just be a bad pic but she does look a little chubby. :shame:
  4. Yeah I HATE to say that because I think it's great that she isn't bone thin like others in the entertainment biz. But she just seems a little too big for being only 20?
  5. Looking at the picture more. It could be those jeans? And maybe her bra is too tight?
  6. I don't think she looks heavy. Those jeans just look unflattering with that top.
  7. Yeah I think it's the clothes and the way the picture was taken. ITA, glad she's not bone thin. :yes:
  8. She doesn't look heavy at all to me. Not thin, but average, good for her! There's no difference whether she's 20 or 30 or 40; I don't think that there is such a thing as being "too young" to be a certain weight! I'm in my early 20s and while I fall in the first category, I don't think it's fair to say all 20 year olds should be skinny. That's just perpetuating the ideal and is not healthy for young women IMO.
  9. she looks fine to me.

    as much as we may wish it, not all people in their twenties have thin bone structure. plus, she's an opera singer...you have to have some weight to support that kind of breathing. there's a reason the stereotypical opera star is heavy.

    oh, and btw...the fact that people say "ugh, she's young! why isn't she thinner?!" just makes it harder. *sigh* you can't blame genetics for everything, but sometimes giving up mickeyD's and booze isn't enough and you just have to learn to love what God gave you. :yes::flowers:

    *edit* sorry. sore subject for me. :supacool:
  10. I just hope to clarify, The picture isn't very flattering IMHO... I've seen other pictures of her and she looks great. :yes: I'm glad that she's not bone thin like a lot of celebrities nowadays who feel the need to starve themselves. I do understand what you mean ilzabet...Sorry, I didn't mean to offend earlier with my comments. :flowers:
  11. Dont hate me for this........but to me she's far too often seen in people magazines("Heat magazine" anyone ??) : she has the WORST fashion style ever, good she's not bones but she's far too fat and never dresses appropriate for her figure, and her music.....blah.
  12. ... so you can only be chubby/heavy at a certain age. I guess i missed that memo, lol!
  13. Wow... I think she looks healthy.
  14. I've never been a fan of hers. She is another example of too rich, too young, too soon, just like Britney Spears. But she does have great voice!
  15. "she's far too fat"

    OMG that is just wrong!! She is nowhere near fat. Fat is old Star Jones, Chris Farley, Aretha Franklin. She looks to be, what, 140 max?? That is NOT FAT. :yucky: Good Lord....