What's the best leather in black birken

  1. I'm thinking getting a 30 black birken. I read a lot of threads that recommending box leather. Personally, i haven't seen one. How does it compared with swift. I saw one black swift and feel that it's quite light and shinny. It looks sharp in a distance as compared with togo.

    What's your leather option in black birken.
  2. vache liagee
  3. Many people have said box, but I have heard that it feels a little "flimsy" compared to the other leathers. I have seen ladies with black box birkins in Paris looking so very chic. Personally I prefer the togo for black. But that's cos a good friend of mine has it and it looked really great on her.
  4. I have a black birkin on my wishlist and when I am able to get one.. I will go for Togo or Fjord.
    I don't like to have scratch marks on my bags so I am not a smooth leather person BUT I will go for the box leather on a Black Vintage Kelly :heart: that's the only exception :love:
  5. ^ Same here.

    Even my SA said Asian women prefer "safe" leathers like togo, Cherve, Clemence etc. as compared to those from the European countries.
  6. I agree with the "box on kelly" bit. I would love a box kelly anytime.
  7. Do you know the different between Box and Swift?
    I agree with the "box on kelly" but I would like to carry with a canvas strap. Do you think it looks cool.
  8. I am with those who prefer box on Kelly rather than Birkin.
  9. My SA (maybe same SA) also said the same thing and she also explains why we hardly get box leather in Singapore.

    I am drooling over vintage box kelly on eBay. :drool: someone stop me ... I am waiting for my kelly...
  10. Queenie, princessfrog ... I wonder if this trend is gradually changing. With the wealth of Hermes knowledge available, especially enabled by tPF, I suspect more and more women will discuss leathers and come to understand the beauty of box calf, before they drop their money on their first Birkins in the future. Our SAs constantly provide feedback to the store manager what has been discussed, what customers expressively said they like etc etc, so who knows what's in store (pun unintended) for us down the road. For example, silver palladium has been the hot favourite for ages, so the store manager knows to keep hardware predominantly palladium. Maybe we would see more gold hardware SS2007 and AW2007 ;) :graucho:
  11. I think black looks its very best in chevre, box and Swift. :smile:
  12. I just got a Black Box Birkin! I also have one in swift, my heart is on Box.
  13. TOGO!!!:love:
  14. For Birkin - I would take chevre, box and swift
    For Kelly - definitely BOX!