What’s on your for-sure, longterm jewelry wishlist?

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Feb 25, 2012
I try to fill any gaps I have. Of course by now all my gaps are imaginary, LOL. I like variety and focus on everyday jewelry, because special occasion pieces only get worn on special occasions and those for me are far in between, so I don’t get bored with those pieces.
It is very important for me to look nice every day, and my jewelry is a big part of that.
The thing for me is that my list keeps growing as I cross items off of it :biggrin:
Whenever I feel that I will be content, something else is added to my list! I think I should stop looking at jewelry!
I'm the same, with everything you note! :girlsigh: I just love jewelry! I do try to release pieces that no longer suit me when new ones find a home with me. Sometimes I save money because I tend to ponder and mull, and in the meanwhile I lose interest or things get discontinued! Lots of possible items on my list right now, but nothing definite.


Jan 27, 2021
How do you decide on what you’re buying next? Availability/gaps on your collection/whims? We all have our lists but how do you decide on what to cross next on that list?

When I am deciding what’s next to buy, I choose it based on gaps in my collection, and also my recent spending patterns. For instance, metal color (if I have too much rose gold or platinum), category (if I have too many rings vs necklaces), and also brand (if I’ve been buying too much from one designer over another).

In my head, that’s how I rationalize it, but in practice, there are a lot of confounding variables. There have been times when I want to buy X at this specific time with this amount of money, but then I go to the store and they don’t have it, or it’s been discontinued, or there’s a long waitlist. Other times, I’ll have an idea of what I like, but then the company releases something new, or I discover a new brand, or I remember a piece that I had forgotten about, or, like today, an SA reaches out to let me know a piece I had inquired about a long time ago has finally arrived in the store.

I also find that I keep adding things to my list. Because I’ll be like, “Oh, maybe I actually do like this more than I thought.” Or I’ll think, “Well, this SA just received this item, and I don’t know when they’ll have it next.” Or else, “It’s the last one in the country, and they’re having a price increase in a week.”

So, basically, it’s really easy and logical for me to choose my next piece, but I find that it seldom seems to work out that way for what I end up buying. However, I do find that I generally buy pieces that are on my list, instead of making completely out-of-the-blue purchases that I had never considered before.


Dec 6, 2020
I’m very brand loyal, I prefer high jewellery, and I upgrade my jewellery, so I buy pieces and wear them for a few years, like my yellow diamond platinum chandelier necklace, which I thought I’d never part with, but then I was sent a Wishlist with a ring I really loved, and returned the necklace to upgrade towards the ring, which is my Cullinan diamond with Argyle pink diamond ring in platinum.
I don’t change my earrings, I did go through a period of buying necklaces and right hand rings, but I’d rather just buy high jewellery and upgrade that..I’ve seen a yellow diamond ring I like, but if I don’t buy it it’s not the end of the world..


Team Orange
Feb 6, 2008
I have been more into bags than jewellery but there are a few pieces of jewellery that are on my wish list:
* VCA sweet Alhambra earstuds with diamonds (hope to buy later this year)
* diamond tennis bracelet
* earrings with marquise cut diamonds
* right hand ring with diamonds
There has not been a lot movement to my wish list but I just ticked off the right hand ring (it will be shipped out on Monday). I am not sure about the earrings with marquise cut diamonds any longer so my wish list now looks as follows:

* VCA sweet Alhambra earstuds with diamonds (hope to buy next year as the right hand ring was more expensive than what I had planned)
* diamond tennis bracelet (hope to get in 2025)
* white gold bracelet
* white gold and diamond necklace


VCA bb
May 5, 2010
Time for an update.
RHR - done
Watch - done
Diamond Studs - next year
VCA Pendant - next year
VCA studs - 2022/2023

Gotta stay focused. 2022 bad year for impulse bag buys.
Another update:
Got a watch that was on the mental wishlist but didn’t think I would actually have a chance to get it. But it’s Rolex so when the AD says they have one you go.
VCA ring
VCA bracelet
VCA studs
Everything on my wish list now is just easy daily wear pieces. HG pieces are done.
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Oct 7, 2006
The older I get, the more I'm interested in fine jewelry. My poor wallet!

I "need" one more VCA piece: an Alhambra MOP ring to match my earrings, necklace, and bracelet. I'm a sucker for a complete set.

I'm having our family jeweler make me a bracelet that will look like the Tiffany DBY.

Then I'm moving on to Cartier with the popular pieces:
1. Love bracelet
2. Just un Clou bracelet
3. Clash bracelet

I am unsure if I'm interested in the matching necklaces and earrings.


Dec 16, 2019
Good question! For me personally, I have only recently fallen in love with jewelry at 43 years old, so I am making up for lost time, lol! Most of my pieces are nonbranded sterling silver or 14k gold, and unfortunately the designer bug has hit me and I want to replace any items I’m so-so about with items I love. Within that, I will prioritize items I can look at and enjoy easily.

Earlier this year I checked off my desire for an everyday necklace with a Cartier D’Amour.

Next on my priority list is a beautiful right hand ring, since I can look down at my hands any time.

After that, a beautiful gold bangle or bracelet for everyday, but can be dressed up (maybe a Cartier small love?)

Further down the line, a more statement necklace (no idea on style yet), then statement earrings (Cartier Clash or Tiffany hardware?)
Could you share pics and specs of your Cartier d’Amour necklace? I’ve been considering getting a diamond solitaire necklace.

Also, I have a small RG Love bracelet—my husband gave it to me last year and I just love it. :smile:


May 20, 2018
Wow what a great thread and so many great lists! I can’t say I have a hg list of jewelry or that I have a long term list versus short bc honestly my tastes and thoughts change over time. At this moment my wishlist consists of the following and in no particular order:

1. 20 motif rg gray mop or onyx if vca ever comes out with it or if I can get an so/mto?

2. Wg new farandole earrings like the stunning ones @nashpoo has

3. The new Rolex gmt two tone with gray black bezel

4. Patek nautilus steel womens watch

5. full pave wg or rg chaine d’ancre enchainee ring, Kelly ring or h d’ancre ring.

6.. Mikimoto pearls 18 inch - not sure what mm yet

7. Plain rg cartier panthere bangle. On the fence with this one. I don’t love that it bends on so over time I think the lack of alignment would annoy me.


Nov 24, 2018
I’d love to get Cartier écrou ring in white gold to rotate between the écrou and clash rings for my left middle finger.

I’ll probably will acquire the small WG JUC ring and RG love wedding band this year or so.

I’d love to add an Aqua Terra or Diver eventually and a Cartier tank or Santos but that’s definitely very long term in 5-10 years.

Am single for time being but ideally I would get the Cartier Vendome Louis Cartier in WG for my wedding band.

Other than that, there are a few Bvlgari vintage rings that I’m waiting to find the right size as well as a few small Etsy jewelers I like.


Dec 17, 2006
Here is a list I made last year and the start of this year.
My goal is an extremely wearable everyday set of jewelry that suits my personality, lifestyle and feels great!
I changed over to Rose gold. I still love and wear my YG pieces, but am enjoying RG for how soft it is.
Following the title of the thread, these are my for sure wishlist pieces I hope to have complete by the next few years.

1. Cartier pave love ring RG Purchased x 2 Lost one and rebought.
2. Cartier JUC pave ring RG Purchased
3. Cartier love bracelet RG Purchased thin with diamonds
4. Cartier clash earrings. Purchased
5. VCA Grey MOP 5 motif RG Purchased
6. VCA Grey MOP Magic pendant RG Purchased
7. Cartier Etincelle x clash ring for right hand. RG
8. C de Cartier necklace. RG
9. Cartier Panthere bracelet RG
10. Cartier thin JUC w diamonds bracelet. I'm still torn on this as it doesn't feel like a lifetime piece?
11. Looking for a unique necklace , long pendant or fabulous locket.
12. Diamond bangle, Tiffany Metro.

I will be getting something before the Cartier price increase, we will see!
I also added a VCA bracelet that was not on the list.

canto bight

Feb 10, 2018
Speaking strictly longterm:

- Foundrae Love Heart Token Bracelet
- Lionheart cocktail ring
- A thicker diamond or pave band for stacking
- A million other rings I have fallen in love with

- Anthony Lent Adorned Hands Sphere Ring

This would be my most expensive jewelry purchase ever and it freaks me out a little so I am putting it off to make sure I really, really must have it.


Jul 24, 2013
There are less expensive silver tiaras out there. I have seen some really pretty Napoleon III ones for example in antique shops.
If only I had a daughter:lol:
Yes there are! But I really want something from Queen Victoria to Queen Mary era. And it needs to be white gold/platinum, have detachable top stones for earrings/brooches + be convertible as a necklace. That's when it gets tricky xD The ones that fit the bill and I have seen, I can count on less than 10 fingers and I have seriously been looking for a decade now (albeit only at B&S, Christie's and Sotheby's)
Like Limom said, for Victorian, you’re probably going to be looking at silver-topped gold.

The tiara that Pss Mary is wearing is in your pictures is something she purchased in the early 2010s, and I believe she paid about $15k for it. It did have some missing stones and she had to have the frame made for it but, it’s not too dear.

M.S. Rau in New Orleans did just get a Napoleonic tiara in that is convertible and in brilliant condition - but I’d rather dear. Bentley and Skinner is making new tiaras in the 50k-110k range, as is Chaumet. They also have antique in their collection, and have the skill and experience to work on tiaras
Weirdly enough I really don't like new tiaras (exception being Princess Iman and maybe Princess Sofia - if it was indeed new). And yes I check B&S everyday but the tiara they make don't appeal to me as much as the vintage they sell. I saw 1 gorgeous Belle Époque tiara for 195k there recently and another gold diadem for 58k. They are gorgeous but you can't do anything with it "daily"... I was really tempted by the gold diadem as a daily summer accessory and for summer party but unsure that the cost per wear would justify it. I want a tiara that can be used in lots of way... I might see if I can get an appointment to see them in the flesh +/- try them on, especially the gold one.
34527M.jpg 35380M9.jpg
How do you decide on what you’re buying next? Availability/gaps on your collection/whims? We all have our lists but how do you decide on what to cross next on that list?
100% gaps. I know I need an "adult watch" next and I also need to repurchase a pair of earrings as I lost one. So that's where my focus is for now.


Dec 6, 2020
It’s short term, not long term, but my birthday is in April and as I have a sick Siamese cat and cannot go on holiday this year, I’m having a day out shopping in June, and considering buying a new diamond watch..I’m currently paying the lay-by on a Cullinan and Argyle pink diamond ring as well…I have plans after that, but I have to pay that first…

I’d planned a high end bag, but may come home with a new watch instead/as well..
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Apr 19, 2015
I really want to add to this tread but i find it so hard ! Does anyone else struggle to write a lit of "must have" items? Maybe I am more instinctive? I write a list and then it changes and then changes again and then I scrap it entirely. LOL.

So here is my attempt as an 'inspirational list' to keep me more accountable for my choices. I have a push present coming up andI have spent the whole (almost) 9 months going "argh what do I choose?".

1. Something pink diamond. Maybe the tiffany key, the tennis necklace (local jeweller), or diamond ring (local jeweller). I have a pink diamond tennis bracelet and matching band which is from the same local jeweller. Could even go some earrings?

2. Tiffany Large Victoria Earrings. Ive wanted these for a while, but they seem really expensive for what they are.A few times I have gone to pull the trigger and stop myself from purchasing them. Although i absolutely adore them.

3. Emerald cut diamond studs - probably around the 1ct mark each side and will probably get them made by a local jeweller.

4. Something in art deco style - either a bracelet or a ring. Examples attached.

I absolutely adore pieces in the Galanterie and Reflections collections with Cartier. However, they are cost prohibitive for me (especially the pieces i seem to like LOL).

So I got the Tiffany Large victoria earrings last year haha. But then got side tracked as i totally do and didnt get the other things on this list. Ha! Turns out i am more just instinctive. so im making another list to totally troll myself again.

1. cartier tank francaise in yellow gold. nice and bold which will be different to anything that i have already.

2. the tiffany flame earrings by jean schlumberger

3. yellow diamond earrings. attached are the tiffany soleste double halo, but not sure it will 100% be them.

there isnt a cartier in my city. so there are cartier items i like but since i cannot try them on before i buy, i have not added any to my list until i know or not. (other than the watch).

cartier tank franciase.png

Photo 21-9-21, 2 52 38 pm.jpg

Photo 26-2-2023, 11 03 51 am.jpg