What's Inside Your LV?


Hakuna Matata
May 25, 2018
My trusted speedy b25 with my new aquisitions. Ask my sister to check the TP15 in her local store and luckily they have 2 left. Couldnt resist it. It is so cute. I should’ve gotten it before the price increases but couldnt complain more. Lucky to get it before its too late. With my longchamp coin purse. Forgoty key pouch in mono inside my bag.



Bag-a-holic is real
Mar 11, 2012
If I hadn't physically tried this bag on in the boutique this past weekend, I would never have believed it could hold a large iphone and more !! :tup:
Haha me too! Pictures can be very deceiving, that’s why I had to see it before purchasing. It’s no use if my bag can’t fit my ginormous phone hehe