What's Inside Your LV?


Sep 2, 2012
I finally bought a neverfull PM. I‘ve jumped into luxury this year as opposed to living vicariously and I’m at purse peace with two luxury bags. In my neverfull are:

Toilet pouch PM in damier graphite.
Neverfull PM pouch
Men’s card holder in damier graphite
An eBay replica key case (Bought it to see what the damier graphite print might look like before purchasing and thought about replacing this with an actual LV one but it’s low key hard to tell the difference. I’ll wait until it falls apart.


Mar 22, 2021
In my Noé BB:

Small agenda in mono
Zoe wallet in fuschia/mono
Mono toiletry 15
Damier ebene key pouch
Folding rayban wayfarers
Spare fold-up shopping bag

This is the bare minimum I carry each day - it’s hard to fit it all in on days I carry my Alma BB though, so on these occasions the agenda is swapped out for a little notebook!
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