What's Inside Your LV?

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  1. Thank you!
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  2. Wimb [emoji177] IMG_8129.jpg
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  4. Aww tee hee [emoji5] thank you!
  5. Totally gorgeous [emoji173]️

    I have big bags with very little inside too [emoji4]
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  6. IM, I love everything! Your beautiful Iena and all these glorious SLGs! :love: Such a pretty picture.
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  7. I sight your favourite organiser within!
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  8. Sorry to be nosy :smile: but what do you keep in your Neverfull pouch? Mine collects dust for the most part so I'm always looking for inspiration from those who use it. :smile:
  9. Hi, I don’t always use it but I had a small pack of tissues and a compact mirror and earphones. A few receipts also. As a clutch input my empreinte key pouch as a small wallet, makeup compact and a lipstick with my 6 key holder and phone
  10. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
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  11. Do you mind sharing who makes the zipped organizer? I could really use one of those!
  12. Nevermind, just saw you already answered!
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  13. BB55C0FD-2E5E-4747-9D24-EDA2A231B64B.jpeg Saumur 30 with all my things
  14. D8410A81-41DC-4B64-BB43-0B8F26A83A45.jpeg NeoNoe with all my daily essentials. Mini pochette holds my touch-up makeup. Empreinte key pouch has my key fob in main compartment, license/debit/credit in the zipper compartment, ebene key pouch has my other cards—insurance/loyalty/etc, sunglasses, and my Medium agenda that I cannot live without.
  15. That’s hysterical! Your contents are almost identical to what I carry. NARS Turkish delight is one of my fave pale pink glosses! I’m a makeup junkie too. My friend has gotten me into Chanel eye shadows. We’re both into makeup and can spend hours in Sephora! Lol! I love your mm LV. I almost bought the pm for my sister today but I think it’s too small. This is the medium sized Neverfull right? I love the white more than the brown, but my sister likes either one. I’ll only buy from a seller with a receipt or return policy in the US, not Japan. If I had to return it for being fake, it would probably cost a fortune. Not worth the risk.
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