What's in your COACH bag?

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  1. Here’s the dark berry mixed leather regular Dreamer when I was doing a fit check. It tightly fits my LV epi Pochette, LV Sarah wallet, Coach metallic small wristlet, and a generic business card case. My iPhone X w/ case doesn’t fit with all that in the main compartment but does tightly fit in one of the outside slip pockets. Not much room left for sunnies and keys so it’s going back. :sad:[​IMG]
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  2. Yes it is.
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  3. I like your picture and how you organize the bag. Wow! it hold a lot more than I imagined!
  4. Thank you, tealocean! I’m happy to share as I totally enjoy seeing what everyone else carries & how they organize. :smile:
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  5. This is what I carry in my Rogue 25, everything fits nicely!

  6. That's a lot more than I thought the size would hold! Your Rogue is lovely!
  7. Thank you! Yes, its size is deceiving! I keep my makeup bag + lotion + keys in the middle zip compartment with some small stuff inside of the zip pockets. My phone + wallets stay on the outside slide pockets. Or, sometimes I hook my keys onto the D-rings.
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  8. Your dog keychain is so cute!!
  9. Thanks! It's Tory Burch, I got it last year. They had a whole line of weenie dog stuff that sold out fast!
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  10. I usually carry Signature Gallery Tote in black.
    Inside: my Cellphone, Lipbalm, some cash, checkbook, ID's, etc..
  11. Amazing. You look like you have organization down pat!
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  12. I just bought that bag this past Monday. I haven't used it yet. It's a beautiful bag, but it's smaller than what I usually carry. I'm carrying a Rogue 36 right now. I think it's a 36. It's bigger than the regular.
  13. Inside my Patricia’s Legacy...she is officially vintage this year
  14. Ooh a Longchamp coin pouch! How do you like it? What do you use it for? I've been eyeing one for awhile!
  15. I love mine. I use it for odds & ends...hand sanitizer, eye drops, hair ties.
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