What's in your COACH bag?

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  1. It’s the weekend so here we go again with my camel Ergo tote. I love this bag, it’s so soft, and my navy Court bag for my busy Saturdays. They look great and there’s no fuss.


    I’ve switched over to my KH coin purse from my leopard Madison coin purse which is quite tiny.
  2. wrong thread!
  3. Such a beautiful bag and straps! Lovely!
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  4. Thank you! I carried it with the strap doubled over my shoulder and it was so comfortable. It was easy to carry and I still had my phone and keys inside.
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  5. Inside my denim Isla...missing is my iPhone that I usually keep in the back slip pocket.
  6. Inside my vintage Lightweights Camera Bag.
  7. A couple of pink pretties with my weekend bag, Ergo camel tote.

  8. Those look so pretty and happy together!
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  9. Thank you, TO! I do love pink and it's fun to look into my bag and see all that sweetness!
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  10. You're welcome! I love pinks too, especially brights and sweet flowers!
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  11. Me, too! I can never get enough floral patterns and Coach has some lovely ones these days. I'm trying to be judicious in my selection and buying only what I will use, and selling pieces I'm not reaching for as often. It just helps to keep things in check.
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  12. I only have solids and 2 ombres so far, but will enjoy some florals someday! I know what you mean about being selective! I got way too much at once and have not bought anything for almost 2 months. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's goodies! Thankfully I have enough to go through without getting bored!
  13. Here are my items and what I usually carry in my Coach Parker. Pictured here are my sunglasses + case, makeup pouch full of junk like mini notebook and scissor, pen, lots of wet napkins, compact lotion and mirror, etc. Also my iPhone. I have attached a second picture to show a few items that I have in my makeup bag.

    IMG_2825.JPG IMG_2830.JPG
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  14. Those stickers look so cute on your Parker!
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  15. Thank you so much Whateve. :heart: