What's in your COACH bag?

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  1. What a sweet looking bag! I love the butterfly! Thanks for showing us what fits. Parker's #1 on my wishlist.
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  2. Thank you tealocean! Yeah the Parker is worth every penny. Even with my items inside, there are still plenty of space left for other essentials! It's totally worth it.
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  3. Loving my Mini Campus Backpack. Same stuff, different bag.

    Mini Skinny (cash and coins), Filofax mini (cards, ID, insurance cards, and typical planner stuff), sunglasses, toiletry pouch (tissues, mirror, lip balm, medication, tweezers, nippers, hair ties, floss, mints, lotion, hand sanitizer, tampon), little pouch from Daiso (earbuds), and keys.

  4. I still love WIMBs!

    In my Coach Isla Chain Crossbody:

    * iPhone 7 & case with cat phone ring
    * Coach pleated pouch holds key fob
    * Coach vintage skinny make-up kit holds a mini mechanical pencil, eye drops, lotion, nail file, bandaids, hand wipe, concealer stick, hair elastic & pins
    * Coach card pouch as wallet (with added ring & chain) holds ~6 cards & bills
    * mint tin with mirror (very old but I just keep refilling!)
    * EOS lip balm
    * reading glasses
    * DIY matchbook sticky note holder

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  5. I have a couple of those vintage skinny pouches but I've never used them. They are so nice.
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  6. Whateve, do you have a style number for the skinny pouch? Thank you!
  7. It's 7170.
  8. Hi, whateve! I love it! Not sure what I’d do without it. I’ve tried newer pouches & wristlets but this one really works for me & it’s so softly worn in. Funny bc I recently saw one of my vintage leaflets & the old description of it still holds true for today!

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  9. Thank you! They look like a great size for lipstick and misc items. I hate the little wristlets that have the strap attached to them! They get tangled up in my bag but don't want to cut them off either. I have a pouch that is lined inside with ivory/blue cotton but wouldn't call this skinny as it is about 1" wide. I don't see a style # on it but like this one, too.
  10. Sounds like the one I have but wouldn't call it skinny! Measurements seem to line up but no mention of depth in the ad. I'd say mine is 1" deep. It has the ticking lining.
  11. The Chunky?! #7165


    Sorry I missed the question of yours earlier. I’m a slow composer & tend to miss recent posts. :smile:
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  12. Well that makes sense and I love the name! I'm going to have to get the Skinny now, too! I have Chunky in Black and Red.
  13. And, it’s decided... I’m going to have to find a Chunky too! ;)
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  14. I have the chunky in British tan and the skinny in banana and aqua.
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  15. Oh wow! I’ve never seen a Skinny banana! (Ha!) And aqua is awesome. Is it the same line as the aqua Carnival bag? ‘96? And the cute key fob?
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