What's in your COACH bag?

Feb 28, 2006
Well I always frequent the LV forum & they had a fun thread. So, I borrowed there idea, hope they don't mind. As for my bag it's pretty boring. My coach cosmetic case, coach mini skinny, ipod w/ case, perfume, LV checkbook & keys...that's what I carry everyday. On weekends when I go on long shopping excursions I bring an extra pair of undies (for son-pottytraining), camera, pads (for that time of the month), & whatever little things I may purchase while I'm out & about.
My bag looks empty, but I can fit awhole lot more.:yes:



L&#9829ve those Cs!
Aug 26, 2006
Lots of stuff!



Huggies wipes travel pack/case, Legacy Signature Framed French Purse, Legacy Signature Wristlet, checkbook holder from another wallet, Coach sunglasses/case, pillbox, Kleenex pocket pack, extra wallet for other cards and such, VS Beauty Rush oil blotting wipes, small mirror, Tide To Go pen, Band-Aids, Shout wipes and alcohol pads. I think she does a great job holding everything in!!



Apr 25, 2006
I don't have a camera with me at school but right now my bag (gallery tote) contains:

- Signature duffle wristlet in brass/brown (holding all kinds of odds and ends, like Swiss Army knife, eyeglass repair kit, breath strips, Tide To Go pen, 2 flashdrives, bandaids, mini sewing kit, mini Maglite, Tylenol & Advil & PMS Relief tablets, pen, emery board, spare car keys) - this wristlet holds A LOT!

- Hamptons Sig mini-skinny in black/black
- Hamptons Sig mini wallet in khaki/crimson
- dayplanner (sadly, not Coach :crybaby:)
- mini umbrella
- MP3 player
- cellphone
- gloves
- keys (home, car, school)
- many lipglosses/lipbalms/lipsticks
- magazine
- empty lunch containers
- gum
- kleenex
- mints
- cough drops

LOVE my Gallery Tote - it holds so much!

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Nov 7, 2006
depends. if im going to school i must lug around a giant bag.. which usually has one text book in it..and

my 30 GB video ipod in silver aluminum case (this was of course before someone stole it.. don't worry soon to be replaced with an 80 gb video as of Dec 25 :smile: )
tide to go pen (if i remember)
mini planner
coach abigale tortoise sunglasses (if i remember them)
pens, pencils
ti83 calculator
ludens cough drops
3 or more tissue packets,lol
small bottle of gatorade, chips for lunch, lol
also my lilac coach wristlet, i dont like bringing money to school that often though because someone stole $20 from me once..

i can fit pretty much everything in my bags

and how do i forget.. my pink razr (i had to buy it for $200 on ebay because i was in the middle of my plan) in a leather case


Mar 19, 2006
Here's my Chelsea hobo with my Hayden-Harnett pouch, HH coin purse, Marc Jacobs sunglasses/case, Fossil wallet (hoping to replace it with a mini skinny for Christmas!!!), cell phone and Rogue Escape pod (in front). I also have my keys on a silver trigger key fob and have the T charm and moon charm! My pouch has my checkbook and pens, coin purse has Tylenol, Airborne, nail clippers and lip balm. The Pod has my change in it!


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Sep 6, 2006
after i clean up my purse i'd probably show you what's inside.

right now it's the wristlet, the planner, dior palette, chocolate covered biscuits, orange tic tacs, brush, loose bills, mail, cell phone, note pad and a hello kitty container.
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Oct 20, 2006
I need a bigger purse!
Mine has:
*Coach Khaki/Tobacco Sig Checkbook Wallet
*Cell phone
*Pepper spray

And I can barely zip it. I can't wait for my new purse to get here so I can put more stuff in it, lol.
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Jun 16, 2006
Oh gosh...I just got my brand new Coach purse and LOVE it. It has my new Coach wallet (which I also love), my cell phone, business cards, gum, a couple of pens, and my variety of lip balm / lip sticks.

I definitely have my eye on one of the larger tote style purses though. :smile:
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