What's in your Bbag?

  1. Ack, cate, another wapity? Noooo..... now I really *need* to get one. Dang, why did I go to that denim sample sale today, that place was evil LOL I could've gotten a wapity

    btw I still carry my umbrella around too... stupid SF weather, I can never be too sure...
  2. I posted this on another thread, but I can fit quite a lot in my silver metallic box:

    make-up bag
    053106 003.jpg 053106 001.jpg 053106 002.jpg
  3. I agree. You do NEED one! :lol:
    Oh, there was a sample sale? It sounds like you scored a lot of stuff!! Congrats!
    (Yes, anytime I see clouds, I bring my umbrella because you can never trust how it is around here...)

    Ozzy - I'm glad to see another pink ipod mini!! Love it and your silver box!! :heart:

    Thanks for sharing everyone!!
  4. hm...my pictures look so funny compared to everyone elses' ...mine has this weird yellow color..

    It's so fun to find out..without being nosy, what is in everyone's purses!
  5. Love your accessories :smile: So cute and the LV really compliments the magenta color :smile: Great taste, you've inspired me :yes:
  6. ^ mamma!!! give me a hug!!!! :love:
  7. I used my Work bag as a carryon when I went on vacation last month. Here is the crap I needed to carry on the plane:

    Here is all the crap IN the bag (note I couldn't zip it up :p )

    I ended up moving the orange raincoat to my check luggage, then I could zip up

    That's a lot of crap innit? Can't wait to get my weekender and shoving it full of crap! :giggle:
  8. wow esiders! i think you need a weekender for traveling! it looks so good... wow, i've never been attracted to cornflower before. so beautiful here!
  9. :roflmfao: esiders! You are too funny!!!!:lol:
  10. Just curious, does a box hold more than a first or are they about the same?
  11. inside my teal first~~~:love:
    --LV MC wallet (just brought 2 days ago:heart: )
    --GUCCI key case
    --car key
  12. :heart: the prada keychain!!!:yes:

  13. WOW bb10lue ..... sooooooooooooo nice bag, great color and excellent accessoires ;) :yes: :love:
  14. hehe~~thanks girls~i love putting lota colors in my bag~~its just more fun, isnt' it?
  15. :yes: Me too! Not only do I love my bags to be bright, I like everything on the inside like that too!:graucho: