What's in your Bbag?

  1. I saw a similar thread in the LV section. Thought it was cute to see different size LVs and the goodies in them....... so......... whats in your Bbag? Get those cameras out ladies and start posting!:graucho:
    Here is my magenta first and my:
    LV white Mc porte tressor
    LV white MC wapity (use as my makeup case)
    Coach Suzie sunnies

    Your turn!:lol: :rolleyes:
    DSC03595.JPG DSC03594.JPG DSC03598.JPG
  2. great thread kim!!! I'll post some later...:love: :heart: holy crap i need to get a wapity..it's so cute...
  3. ^ LOL seriously, I had a wapity fever a while back that passed... Kimmie you made me want one again! :love:

  4. I havent regreted my wapit one time:love: Are ya gonna get one?:yes: :rolleyes:
  5. I think so... but I already promised myself that first on my list would be to get a new digital camera to replace my broken one :shame: I was waiting for it come out in damier (or is it already out? I don't follow much what's going on in the world of LV), but your MC one is also very cute and matches everything....
  6. does the white multicore get dirty?
  7. I have had my wallet for 2 years now and the white is just a clean as the first day I bought it. Just the leather trim is darkening a little from use. My wapity still looks brand new.
  8. Gosh now I want a wapity!!! I almost bought that wallet but backed down at the last minute. I love it though!!!
  9. awesome, thanks,

    wait, crap now i want a wapity in the multicore. EFF!
  10. :lol: the wapity keeps coming and going on my want list... but now its totally staying on my list! i'll take a pic of whats in my b-bag later today... hehehe but which b-bag should i pick???? :rolleyes:
  11. Everyone should have a wapity - - they're so darn cute! (Kimmie - love the white one) :biggrin:

    In my bag:
    LV Ludlow wallet
    LV mono wapity
    Coach wristlet
    Mini journal
    A bigger wallet to carry all my extra stuff that doesn't fit in the little one
    Umbrella (don't know why I'm still carrying this...)

  12. Ahhh! Another wapity/bbag girl! Thanks for sharing cate22;) :biggrin:
  13. My pleasure! Thanks for starting this thread!
    Where's everyone else's pictures?? :wondering
  14. this is what is in my CITY b-bag at the moment...
    - LV cometics pouch thingy
    - 2 pens
    - house/car keys
    - work keys
    - work ID
    - cellphone
    - diary
    - empty water bottle :shame:
    - mints
    - sunglasses
    - glasses case

    geez, its a bit of a mess! hehehe! oh dear... my b-bag looks so flat! hehehehe! aww, its so yummy!
    Dsc01698.jpg Dsc01699.jpg
  15. WOOOOHOOOOO! HelenNZ, you rock! Hey your Cities leather looks Beeuteeful!! Thanks girly!!;) :flowers: